The Masked Singer: Shocking Reveals

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The Masked Singer is an international reality show for the last three seasons and has become a Fox hit. The surreal reality show shows actors clad in outlandish makeup with judges and the viewers attempting to decipher the identities and voices behind the mask covered beneath. At least one participant is eliminated from this singing competition each week and then the celebrity has to expose him/herself to the audience. Big names like Kandi Burruss, Jessie McCartney, Joey Fatone, and Tony Hawk were featured in Masked Singer.

The show is a platform for celebrities not known for singing to highlight their singing skills (or lack of them), or it offers existing singers the chance to restart or reinvent their careers. And for some, The Masked Singer is just a nice diversion in their children’s eyes that might earn them cool points. The Masked Singer had three thrilling seasons and several shocking revelations.

Barry Zito As The Rhino

For week’s The Rhino has inspired everyone with its pop music country style. In The Masked Singer Season 3, the Rhino made it pretty far, arriving just a week short of finale. When the mask fell off the crowd was flabbergasted and baseball hero Barry Zito was unveiled as the soulful country singer.

I don’t know much about baseball, but I didn’t think Barry Zito was The Rhino either. Former pitcher fans will know that Zito already had an EP called No Secrets released in 2017, so they presumably acknowledged his voice. To those ignorant of the world of athletics, though, the name of Zito being announced has caught us by surprise. Many of the clues may have served easily for Tim Tebow, who has become a common online guess and some judges. If the face of Zito was exposed, I’m sure those people were unaware of the pitcher of the former San Francisco Giants took Google to find out more, and listen to some more of his covers and original songs.

Chaka Khan As Miss Monster

The Masked Singer spent the first three seasons with several iconic female vocalists. Their voices are so familiar that anybody who has heard any of their music will identify them easily as the person behind multiple masks. Chaka Khan as Miss Monster was a little more difficult to find out than the others, particularly with the whole she was in love with the Beast, T-Pain from The Masked Singer Season 1, storyline created by the filmmakers, but it was still pretty clear that Miss Beast could only be Chaka Khan.

What made the announcement of Chaka Khan so shocking was not that it was her but that she was disqualified too early from the competition. This proved that vocal talent alone won’t win you The Masked Singer, but I do think Miss Monster should have lasted more than just a few shows.



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