The Seven Deadly Sin Season 5 Coming Or Not!

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The Seven Deadly Sin Season 5 is an upcoming season of the anime series. It had based on the manga series of the same name by Nakaba Suzuki. It had premiered it’s first season in 2014 and since then it had back to back four seasons. But after the release of the fourth season in October 2019, every fan is waiting for the news of The Seven Deadly Sin Season 5.

Here is every detail about the plot, cast, and the coming back of the season 5 of the anime series. So, keep reading to get every update.

Release Date Of The Seven Deadly Sin Season 5

The Seven Deadly Sin Release Date
The Seven Deadly Sin

Six months after the release of the season 4, The Seven Deadly Sin Season 5 had been announced in March 2020 by the makers and channel. And had scheduled to release this October. But as we can see like every other Tv shows and movies, the season 5 of the series had delayed. It had been postponed because of the pandemic. And is now gearing up to land on our screen in next year. Till then keep reading for further updates.

Plot Of The Series

The Seven Deadly Sin Plot

The Seven Deadly Sin is the story of the seven Knights. They are the band of knights in the land of Britannia, who had disbanded ten years earlier after being framed for the coup of the Lioness Kingdom. And the Holy Knights who sequestered them take the control. Elizabeth Lioness, the Lioness Princess finds the Seven Deadly Sin leader Meliodas, and they set to find the rest of the comrades to clear their name and liberate Lioness from the Holy Knights, who were manipulated by the demon name Fraudrin to unseal the demon race from the hell.

The story is full of war, emotion, and action. And is loved by the audiences and the fan. All the characters like Elizabeth, Meliodas, Eastarossa, Chandler, and Gowther will come back for the new season.


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