Capturing Mars In 8k Resolution? Know All the Details Here.

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Will capturing Mars in 8k resolutions be a possibility in the near future? The Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency(JAXA) and broadcaster NHK are teaming up to develop a space camera. This camera will be capable of filming in 4K and 8K resolutions. These super high-resolution cameras will capture the red planet in a never seen before way.

8K video is way too expensive here on Earth, so if you are going to get some ridiculously high-resolution footage, it might as well be something out of this world.

The Mars Exploration Mission

JAXA announced this collaboration in a press release recently. They said that the Super Hi-Vision Camera will film the red planet and its moons, Phobos and Deimos. This will be during the agency’s Martian Moons Exploration (MMX) mission. It will be installed on the MMX spacecraft and will snap pictures of Mars at regular intervals. It will also partially transmit them down to Earth to create a smooth image and store the originals in a return capsule that will be headed back home.

The MMX mission will determine whether the Martian moons are captured asteroids or fragments that coalesced after a giant impact with Mars. It will also acquire new knowledge on the formation process of Mars and the terrestrial planets. It will also clarify the mechanisms controlling the surface evolution of the Martian moons and Mars, and gain new insights into the history of the Mars Sphere, including that of the Martian moons.

JAXA and NHK’s Collaboration

In addition to capturing Mars in 8k resolution, the camera would also help JAXA and NHK visualize the spacecraft’s behavior back down on Earth. It will do so by combining flight data with its ultra-high-resolution pictures. JAXA further added that it could also help them operate the spacecraft.

Jaxa added that by filming MMX’s mission in the Martian system, that too 300 million kilometers away from Earth, with the newly developed Super Hi-Vision Camera, the two organizations, JAXA and NHK will be working together to convey the appeal of a new horizon. This will be of the detail that has never been seen before. It will be vivid and inspiring for a lot of people.

MMX spacecraft is scheduled to be launched in the year 2024 and reach Mars by the year 2025. It will be a while before we get to see mars in 8K resolution. But these images could help scientists unravel the enigma of Mars’ history. It will also provide a closer look at how microbes and water endure on the planet’s surface. And, also NHK will walk away with literally one-of-a-kind footage that no other broadcaster can hope to match. Now that is a total win-win situation!

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