Oppo ColorOS 11: What are the new features inside?

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When we talk about mobile phones then Oppo is the one always in the list. It is one of the largest phones manufacture in the world, and over the last two years, it has turned its attention to European markets, where it is seeing a booming growth. In the second quarter of 2020, its shipments in Europe increased by 41% from the same time a year ago, and the company saw a 10% up gradation in global sales. And the most interesting part is that all of these happened in the middle of the pandemic.

Oppo has become one of the major market players outside of China, and holds its flagship tends to hold its own against the best Android phones. It is making key changes to its ColourOS user interface to make the skin more palatable to a global audience. Oppo is now all set to make a comeback with its new ColourOS 11 based on Android 11.

So let’s take a quick look at everything this new model from Oppo is going to bring to us.

ColourOS 11: Privacy, Dashboard, and Optimizations

Oppo ColouOS 11
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Lots of features were introduced by Google in Android 11 and they are all intact on ColourOS 11. You will get a dedicated Conversations view at the top of the notifications window, chat bubbles, and the new power menu that works as a dashboard for smart home control.

The privacy and security features are intact too. You get one-time permissions for the camera, microphone, and the location, scoped storage to restrict apps from accessing the entire file system, and auto-reset permission for apps you haven’t used in a while. And, that’s sounds perfect. Plus, Oppo has added a new privacy feature like Private System. It essentially creates a second user account on your phone, housing its own version of apps and data. You will need to use a different PIN and fingerprint to log into the Private System.

With all these, it has also added a lot of optimizations to ColourOS 11. Memory utilization is boosted by 45% and you will see a 32% increase in response rate, with these optimizations aimed at ensuring the UI scales well for high refresh rate displays.

ColourOS 11: Nifty gestures for instant translation

If you need something like an instant translation of on-screen content via a three-finger gesture then ColourOS 11 is the thing to go one. You just need to take a screenshot, pull up Google Translator, and then translate the text.

Oppo has also stated that this particular feature is co-created with Google, and it is a nifty way to get translation without having to head into Translate. Plus, it is also integrated into the smart sidebar i.e. easier to access.

ColourOS 11: Super Power Saving Mode

The battery life is the main problem for all of us when it comes to our phones. But, Oppo is all set to solve this problem. This upcoming model has a built-in battery saver mode that does a great job of extending battery life, and it is also getting a secondary Super Power Saving Mode that takes things to a new level.

When you switch on this mode then you can use six apps to run in low-battery scenarios, and it switches everything off in the background to take out more battery.  Plus, it is also bringing up a Battery Guard feature that prolongs the battery life of your phone. In simple words, when you plug in your at night, the battery charges to 80%, and then the rest of the 20% is charged just before you wake up, ensuring the phone isn’t plugged in even after it’s fully charged.

ColourOS 11: Floating Windows for better multitasking

When it comes to multitasking then floating windows are the key; and ColourOS 11 is picking up this feature in a great way. This feature is called FlexDrop and you get the option to resize an app to fit anywhere on the screen.

This app will be overlaid on whatever app you launch next.

ColourOS 11: Promotes mindfulness with Oppo Relax 2.0

The feature called Oppo Relax lets you unwind the white noise; and in ColourOS 11 it is picking up city sounds. The company teamed up with Music City to ass sounds of Tokyo, Bangkok, and Reykjavik into the app.

Plus, it also allows you to create custom white noise profiles; with the ability to choose the duration and customize the sound to your choice.

If you are wondering about when all this is going to happen then your answer is here. Oppo has committed to deliver the stable ColourOS 11; build to the first batch of devices before the end of 2020.

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