Selling Sunset Season 4: All The Deets!

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Slipping into the white-tiled realm of multimillion-dollar listings on Netflix’s Selling Sunset in the madness of 2020 can only be described as a warped sort of self-soothing. For a few beautiful minutes, can a simulated dive into those cerulean-blue swimming pools just cleanse the mind for so long but wow? The relief is complete. Especially when the drama is equally ostentatious and engrossing

Now that the Los Angeles-based real estate reality show stars like Mary Fitzgerald, Christine Quinn, Chrishell Stause, Davina Potraz, Heather Rae Young, Amanza Smith, and Maya Vander have come back for Season 3, fans who want their HGTV eaten with a side of The Hills are screaming for Season 4. Netflix has yet to formally renew the program, but you don’t have to think about losing it for too long with its popularity — it’s reliably rated in the Netflix Top 10 in the U.S. any time a new season arrives. The Oppenheim Party, this is what we know next.


While Netflix has not announced an official renewal of Selling Sunset , there is an amusing cause for hope: On Instagram, the cast members love to spill secrets. Stause recently shared a picture of herself on Instagram on a boat with Young, Fitzgerald and Smith. The photo itself is unsurprisingly cute, but it’s the caption that caught the attention of the fans: “Celebrating positive news of which we can not tell you.”

Since she added “# SellingSunset” and “# Season3” to the post, fans are assured that the show had the green light for season 4 right before. Clearly, Stause and her fellow agents are still unable to open their tongues, but maybe boss Jason Oppenheim could. In an interview with Entertainment Tonight in early September, he said, “I have no doubt that we’re going to do several more seasons with Netflix.”

Filming probably won’t start until 2021

The good news: It seems like the stars are all down for a fourth row. Fitzgerald said in an interview with Women’s Health, “I know the people I’m referring to—Heather, Chrishell, Amanza, Jason, and Romain—we’re all up for a fourth season.” Bad news: Because of COVID-19 stalling, well, it’s doubtful your favorite agents could see another run on our screens until next year.

Quinn said to Grazia, “Next year we’re going to record, now I’m listening. We’ve had such a huge production, there are so many people on our crew. I don’t imagine we’d be shooting this year.”

Speaking to Women’s Health, Stause said, “Even though it is too early to predict what my position will be going forward, I can guarantee that I would be surprised if the show did not proceed.”

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