Another Tik Tok Competitor, YouTube Shorts Launched In India, Shocks The Whole Nation

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On Monday, YouTube unveilsYouTube Shorts. It is a short video feature application that is aiming to compete with TikTok. This platform allows you to make short videos in just 15 seconds.  It was released through Google on Tuesday. Sound familiar? Yes, we’ve got any other TikTok competitor. And this time it is from Google. Besides, Instagram already expands Reels from the United States to India as well. This is a marketplace Google appears to be eyeing for YouTube Shorts. This is because it released the brand new characteristic in early beta in India, to begin with. With TikTok banned in India, this became an apparent move. And because the app faces demanding situations withinside the US, YouTube will be predicted to convey Shorts there next. The application will firstly launch in India in just a few days before its expansion in other countries.

YouTube Shorts, Tik Tok Competitor

Rich search results on Google when searched for "YouTube Shorts"
YouTube Shorts. Image Source: The Indian Express

In its announcement, Google defines that this application consists of a brand new digital digicam. It also has a handful of enhancing gear that will be out in a couple of weeks. These motion pictures are of up to fifteen seconds and may be visible at the YouTube homepage. YouTube has a brand new Shorts shelf, in addition to the different elements of the YouTube app. The video streaming giant additionally has published Shorts. It reminds us of well-known viral motion pictures, Some of these include Charlie Bit My FingerGood morning yall, and Lockdown Trick Shots.

The Create button has been moved to the lowest bar of navigation for Android customers. This is for users in India. As per sources, in order to test your video, you need to click on the ”+” icon.  Then select Video. If you see Create a brief video then you definitely have access to the Shorts digital digicam. It has the capability of stringing a couple of video clips. It can also control velocity, times, and can also add a tune to clips.

People who cannot get access to the Shorts digital platform, they can still make a short video of 60 seconds. They can do so with the hashtag #shorts within the name or description. And then YouTube will pick these videos and display them on the homepage.

Rich search results on Google when searched for "YouTube Shorts"
Tik Tok competitor is on the way. Image Source:

India is a superb vicinity for YouTube to release Shorts. India bans Chinese-owned TikTok and fifty-eight different apps in June. Besides, it states that the apps were “engaged in things that are prejudicial to sovereignty and integrity of India”. Shorts will currently be available for Android only. However, YouTube is trying their best to spread it to iOS and other platforms.

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