Apple September 15 Event: Everything You Need To Know

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The next gadget-announcing Apple Event has been formally scheduled for Tuesday, September 15, and we hope to be unveiling some new gadgets. This is what we know about the case and what we expect.

Like WWDC 2020, the online September Apple Event will launch at 10 am PT/1 pm EST/6 pm BST (4 am AEDT in Australia on September 16).

While Apple has not yet announced where to view it, the tradition suggests that it will be viewed live on the Apple website and YouTube.

Apple announced the September 15 date after speculation of a gathering on September 8 with a cool virtual reality logo in the emailed invitation to the news. It has also contributed to some speculation (blue in phones? Smooth displays with higher refresh rate? ), along with the tagline for the action, Time Flies:

What we’ve heard from Mark Gurman of Bloomberg is that the iPhone 12 couldn’t be released until October, indicating it won’t even appear at the September 15 gathering.

But that’s not verified yet, so there’s every possibility that Tim Cook will utter the word “iPhone” on stage. ‘Time Flies’ may be the slight indication that only the Apple Watch 6 and other gadgets (maybe the iPad Air 4, as it has been rumored) will be revealed, but that’s what we hope to see here.

Apple Watch 6

We’d heard several rumors that the Apple Watch 6 will be unveiled in early September, but Apple actually confirmed the Time Flies event on the day we wanted to see it released. True enough-and we can imagine we’ll see the smartwatch launched on September 15 with a name like that.
We don’t expect the Apple Watch 6 to vary significantly from its predecessor, but reports do suggest a few features that could pop up to the smartwatch. Most possibly, there’s a SpO2 tracker to monitor blood oxygen levels that many other wearables have come along within 2020, including the Samsung Galaxy Watch 3.
Quite wild claims involve a patent that indicates the device may include a fingerprint Sensor Authentication scanner within the monitor. Another theory says the watch might also come with a sensor for temperature.

iPad Air 4

Rumors have indicated that the iPad Air 4 will launch alongside the Apple Watch 6 in September, and we expect it to be announced at the Apple Case. This is what we are most expecting since Apple’s new smartwatch, with all the gadgets that might arrive.
Although we’re not anticipating dramatic changes on the iPad Air 3, the iPad Air 4 could detach the USB-C Lightning port and extend from a screen size of 10.5 inches to an 11-inch display – all movements that resemble the new iPad Pro.

Other enhancements include moving from Contact ID in the home button to Face ID for biometric verification – and theoretically totally replacing the home button, but reports are not in consensus as to when this will happen.

The iPad Air 4 could get four stereo speakers based on speculation and carry the same A14-equivalent chipset that will feature on the iPhone 12.

iPhone 12

Since Apple usually announces its iPhone range in September of previous years, we expected the iPhone 12 to be on deck for an announcement at the Apple Time Flies Case. Yet this may not be the case.

In a Bloomberg report Gurman expanded on his assertion, stating that the phones will not even launch until October. Per Blo, the iPhone 12 will have new hardware, upgraded cameras and 5 G support.

Rumors and rumours in recent months have revealed what we’re seeing in Apple’s new mobile device, including a metal shell with squared-off corners that we haven’t seen since the iPhone 5S, but recently re-introduced in the current iPad Pro models.

Four separate iPhone 12 variants are also planned – two cheaper and less equipped iPhone 11-like devices (coming in 5.4-inch and 6.1-inch screen sizes) and two pricer versions (6.-inch and 6.7-inch display sizes) that are likely to be the iPhone 12 Pro and iPhone 12 Pro Max. We expect that one or both of the more costly versions would be 5 G capable, but not the more inexpensive pair.

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