Hospital Playlist Season 2: All The Latest Updates On Release Date, Cast, Plot, And More

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The South Korean television drama series is coming back with Hospital Playlist season 2. The director of the series is Shin Won-ho and it is written by Lee Woo Jung. The first season came out on March 12, 2020, and it airs on the TVN network. Ever since its first release, it gains much love and appreciation. It became the ninth highest-rated television series in cable history. Even since the end of the first season, fans have been eagerly waiting for season 2. The show is also available on Netflix and it runs for 12 long episodes making it immensely popular. Fans will be delighted to see the director coming back with a second season. This is because his success has been phenomenal in the past decade. Therefore here is everything we know about season 2. Keep on reading to find out more.

Hospital Playlist Season 2 Renewal Status

Rich search results on Google when searched for "Hospital Playlist Season 2"
The cast. Image Source: Cosmopolitan Indonesia

The show is officially renewed for its second season. However, it was not the decision of Netflix but TVN. The name of this series appeared in the list of K-drama fan sites. However, if the decision was up to Netflix, it will get the green light regardless. The audience received this show positively and also the ratings are incredible. It was 7.3 million of the South Korean population watching the show. Besides, in the US it was about 46 million. Seeing such immense popularity season 2 was inevitable.

Release Date

There is no official confirmation about the release date just yet. Besides, due to the global coronavirus pandemic, all productions are currently on hold. So we can expect the show to release on Netflix by 2021. However, productions will probably begin by the end of this year if the situation gets normal.

Hospital Playlist Season 2 Plot

Rich search results on Google when searched for "Hospital Playlist Season 2"
Hospital Playlist Season 2. Image Source: Dramabeans

The story revolves around the doctors and nurses of Yulje Medical Center. It centers on five doctors who belong to the hospital faculty ever since 1999. In the previous season, we saw Ik Jun finally confessing his feelings. He eventually gets the guts to tackle his feelings. As he did not get any response he asks Chae Song Hwa to take her time and think about it. In the meantime, he leaves for a seminar in Spain. On the other hand, we see Seok Hyeong being happy after choosing not to take over his father’s business. We can expect season 2 to begin from where season 1 ends. We will see more confusion, heartbreaks, and connections blossoming. However, we do not know anything about the plot for sure. So we will just have to wait.

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