Speculations That China Prepared Corona Virus In Lab Might Be True

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In the early winter of 2020, a deadly virus broke out in Wuhan, China. It came to be known as the Novel Corona Virus. The name is certainly familiar to every single person on the earth. The epidemic starting from China soon turned into a pandemic. Within several weeks the virus spread in major countries like wildfire. Corona Virus claimed many lives and led to the fall of the global economy. Since its spread back in January, not only scientists are working on a vaccine but also figuring out the cause. Earlier it was said that the cause is a bat. Though after research it was turned down. But soon major nations especially the USA, started blaming China for the havoc. US President Donald Trump went as far as calling it the “Chinese Virus”. But many organizations disregarded this virus to be man-made.
But it seems like pointers are again indicating towards China as the one behind all the mess. There are speculations that all of this is a part of a mammoth conspiracy.

The Locus Of Corona Virus

A Chinese virologist who fled from China to the USA over safety concerns turned out to be the whistleblower. Dr. Lien Men Yang claimed that coronavirus was prepared in a government-controlled laboratory. She also said that she has proofs regarding the same.
Last year Dr. Yang was assigned the job to look over a cluster of Sars like shapes coming out of the mainland. During her investigation, she discovered a secret project. And firmed that the Chinese government knew about it all long before publicly acknowledging it.
All of this was told by Dr. Yank on September 11 when she participated in an American TV show. She participated in a secret location due to concerns regarding her safety.

Corona Virus
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What did All Dr. Yang reveal In The Talk Show?

Dr. Yank said that she conducted two researchers on new pneumonia. She shared the results with a supervisor who is also a WHO consultant. Dr. Yang expects her to do the right things, but the supervisor asked to her ” shut her mouth it else she will disappear”. But during the Chinese New Year huge transportation took place from China to the world. And that’s when she decided to break her silence. On January 17, Dr. Li-Meng said that she contacted a popular US Youtuber. And she exposed the YouTuber that,
  1.  the Chinese government was just covering the Covid-19 virus,
  2.  human to human transmission of the disease already existed,
  3.  Sars-CoV-2 is a “high mutant virus” that will become an outbreak soon, and
  4.  the Wuhan seafood market and the intermediate hosts for the virus were just a “smokescreen”.
And finally, Dr. Yang told the Youtuber was that the virus is not from nature. “This is based on the China Military Institute that discovered and owned some bad coronavirus named CC45 and ZXC41.”

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