Riverdale Season 5: Its Coming Or Not!

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Riverdale Season 5 is an upcoming season of the teen thriller drama series Riverdale. It had premiered it’s first season in 2017 and since then had run a total of four successive seasons. In January CW had announced that the show is coming back with Riverdale Season 5. And after the abrupt end of the season 4 in May 2020, every fan wants to know about the next season of the Riverdale.

So, here is everything to know about the plot, cast, and release of the season 5 of Riverdale.

Release Date Of The Riverdale Season 5

Riverdale Season 5 Release Date

The CW had renewed the show for season 5 in January 2020 with all the other projects of CW. And after renewal, it had supposed to release in October 2020. Although, due to the ongoing lockdown and the pandemic situation it had delayed. In fact, it’s season four also got abruptly ended due to the pandemic. But worry, not all the cliffhangers are going to be answered in the season 5 of the series. And Riverdale new season is now gearing up to release in January 2021. So get for another ride to Riverdale.

Plot Of The Riverdale

Riverdale Season 5 Plot and Cast
Betty, Jughead, Archie, Veronica

It is a teen drama with a lot of thrillers take in the story. It is the story of Archie, Betty, Veronica, and Jughead, it is a story of teens in a sinister and crime centered town Riverdale. The story is based on the characters of Archie comics.

According to the makers, the brand new season of the Riverdale is going to see a time jump. Yeah, the kids are finally going to the college in the season 5 of the Riverdale. So get for their new journey.

Cast Of The Riverdale

All the main cast members of the series are coming back for the brand new and latest season of Riverdale in January 2021.

  • Lili Reinhart — as Betty Cooper
  • K J Appa — as Archie
  • Camila Mendes — as Veronica
  • Cole Sprouse — as Jughead



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