“Very Young Children Can Also Be The Possible Transmitters Of Coronavirus”, Says Reports

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The most susceptible age group of the novel coronavirus is either above 60 years or infants. Back when the outbreak happened thousands of people above 60 years lost their lives. There were also rumors that the animals could be a possible transmitter of disease. But then within a few days, the flames of rumors were put out. Till now 2.48 crore people have been infected by the coronavirus. And more than 10 lakh people have lost their lives. But it seems like there are few new reports regarding the COVID-19. Previously it was suspected that the young children (less than 18) could be a possible transmitter. But now there are reports that firms the rumors.

The Coronavirus Case Of Utah

At a childcare operation in Utah (US) about 12 children came in contact with the virus. They ended up passing it to their parents and siblings. This case confirms the assumptions of many US experts that very young children can also transmit the disease.
Previously, studies had suggested that children aged 10 years or older can transmit COVID-19 on school premises. But on Friday, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) published a new study. According to which children who are less than 10 years old can also transmit the disease. For instance, a young of 10 in Utah childcare, ended up infecting both the parents. Reuters, who first published this study stated,
“From the 12 documented cases acquired at the childcare facilities, virus transmission was found among at least 12 of 46 non-facility contacts, such as parents – one of whom required hospitalization – siblings and an aunt.”

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What Were The Other Foundings?

At first, it was found that transmission happened from those children who showed symptoms. But then it was confirmed that even the ones who were asymptomatic transmitted the novel coronavirus. The Salt Lake City, between April 1 and July 10, marked 17 Childcare facilities. It also included daycare centers and center camp. They had recorded about two confirms cases within 14 days. While the Data in the report of CDC reports an outbreak in only three of these.
Among the marked facilities, the test proves that staff members got infected by the infected family members. The source of spread was not recorded in the third Center. Reports said that it suggested that the origin of the outbreak was elsewhere.
But then CDC also noted a few more limitations to their study that could have possibly impacted the collected data. It includes:
  • change in contact tracing methodology,
  • and testing criteria ( which originally involve only those showing symptoms).

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