Netflix’s Away Premiered This Month, Will There Be A Season 2?

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Netflix released a new series this month. The series, called Away, is based on the first crewed expedition to Mars. Away Season 1 came out on September 4, 2020. The series portrays Emma Green and his crew and illustrates their adventurous journey to the planet Mars under the Joint Mars Initiative. The crew consists of many people coming from diverse regions of the whole Earth. Now, the question at the end of the day in the minds of many fans is whether the show will return or not. The showrunner of the series Jessica Goldberg feels that there are many stories to be told about each character and hence, fans feel that the show will indeed face renewal.

The Cast Of Away Season 2

The cast of the series is strong and involves many people. With Hilary Swank in the lead, the members of the international crew involve a Chinese female chemist, a Russian male cosmonaut holding the world’s most experienced in space, an Indian male medical officer astronaut who is second in command, and a British African male botanist with no experience in space.

Away on Netflix season two | Hilary Swank on potential second series -  Radio Times
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Ram played by Ray Panthaki, Lu played by Vivian Wu, Misha portrayed by Mark Ivanir, and Ato Essandoh under the role of Kwesi, are all the versatile actors in the show who might return in Away Season 2. The crew’s leader has is American female astronaut Emma Green played by Hilary Swank. Emma has a teenage daughter too along with a husband who is also an astronaut with equal experience in the field as his wife. The mission to Mars takes off. The Chinese and the Russian members have no faith in the American’s command and the whole story is borne out of these situations.

Away: Has Netflix Renewed The Show For Second Season?
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The Release Of The Next Season Of The Netflix Series:

The series has the description of being “about hope, humanity, and how ultimately, we need one another if we are to achieve impossible things.” Away Season 2 is still not confirmed but, we can hope that the showrunners renew it for the show is doing extremely well. Goldberg says that there is still plenty of stories that are still left to tell and hence, we believe that the show will see its renewal. Well, regarding the time of the release of Netflix’s Away Season 2, we still do not know anything but, as the showrunner clears the air, we still have many things to see on the series. Hence, we should not lose hope and wait for a possible release date from the makers of the show.

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