Covid-19: Health Ministry revises guidelines for conducting exams

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Thursday, the Union Health Ministry updated its standard operating procedure ( SOP) on preventive steps to be taken when conducting exams to curb the Covid-19 outbreak.

Workers or examinees from exclusion areas shall not be included in the review center under the guidelines.

Employees or examinees from exclusion areas are not required. Such examinees shall have the opportunity to conduct the exam by other means or the Colleges and Educational Institution or Organization can consider effective steps in this regard.

Ses centres should arrange the exam schedule in a phased way to prevent overcrowding every day at every exam center.

Only asymptomatic staff and students are permitted within the exam hall as per the instructions and everyone must wear face cover/mask at all times inside the exam centre.

Apart from social and physical isolation inside the agencies, adequate provisions for personal security equipment such as face covers, goggles and other supplies such as hand sanitizers, soap, sodium hypochlorite solution etc. shall be made available at the inspection site.

Exam functionaries and examinees can also apply health condition self-declaration upon admission to the exam centre. Such form of self-declaration can be distributed as accepting tickets are released. At the time of issue of entry tickets, a clear do’s and non’s / advisory can also be circulated.

In addition, students should also be given advance knowledge about what to wear, including paperwork relating to the test (Admission card, ID card etc.), face mask, water bottle, hand sanitizer etc.

The institution shall deploy appropriate personnel to maintain discipline (to ensure conformity at all times with distancing norms and other preventive measures) throughout the conduct of the test.

A number of registration rooms and personnel for paper review and attendance documentation are required to ensure sufficient social distance requirements.

In the meantime, in the sense of COVID, invigilators and supervisory employees ought to be briefed on the code of conduct.

The exam centre should have a dedicated isolation room to separate any person who is observed to be symptomatic during screening or evaluation, until such time as medical advice can be requested. A consistent policy on allowing/disallowing symptomatic applicants to perform exams shall be specified in advance by the Test Conducting Authority, as indicated by the guidelines.

Entrances must provide required requirements for hand hygiene and thermal scanning. If any exam functionary/examinee fails to follow the requirements for self-declaration, they are not permitted to join.

“On a regular basis, asymptomatic candidate should be referred to the nearest health centre and given the opportunity to undertake the examination by other means or the Universities / Educational Institute should arrange for the examination to be taken at a later date when the student is declared physically fit.

However, if a student is considered to be symptomatic, their permission or refusal will be given in such situations as set out in the policies already specified by the Examination Conducting Authority on the subject, “added the guidelines.

Relevant signs should be rendered with ample distance to control the queue to ensure that the premises are socially remote.

Proper traffic control in the exam centre as well as outside facilities such as parking lots, waiting rooms — it must be ensured that physical spacing requirements are properly met.

At the exam centre, bags or books or cell phones should not be permitted.


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