Terrorists In The Valley Are Waiting For Help From Across The Border

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Highlights: Terrorists who are stuck in the Kashmir Valley are desperately waiting for help from across the border (i.e Pakistan) in terms of arms.
Army holds the opinion that a quadcopter used by the ISI (Pakistan’s spy agency) in J&K (Jammu and Kashmir) has necessitated alert along the Line Of Control (LoC). According to army, the purpose is to drop arms and weapons for those terrorists who are stuck in the Jammu And Kashmir Valley.

What All Lieutenant Said Regarding the Terrorists?

In a press briefing with PTI ( Press Trust Of India), Lieutenant Gen BS Raju, who is General-Officer-in-Command of strategically located XV corps in Kashmir, stated that “across Peer Panjal”, a reference to Jammu region in army parlance, “we have alerted all formations to keep a check on any flying object seen along the LoC”.
He further added that all the terrorists holed up in the Valley are out ammunition and are facing a shortage of guns and weapons. They are eagerly waiting for some help from across the border.
Not to forget that back in, the Border Security Force (BSF) showdown a drone along the International Border in Kathua Region of Jammu and Kashmir.
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What All Do We Know?

These Chinese drones weighed about 17.5 kg and could carry of load up to 5.5 kg. It also consisted of  US-made M4 semi-automatic carbine and seven Chinese grenades. It also had

  • Four batteries,
  • a radio signal receiver,
  •  and two Global Positioning Systems (GPS).
This, according to Gen Raju, is a “new dimension” in decades of Pakistan-sponsored terrorism. “Instructions have been passed on to the forward formations to keep an eye on any flying object coming from across the border (LoC) and hit it hard to bring it down,” he said.
Small is not that easy to detect in the air. Extra vigil packed with all the high technology along with human scrutiny maintained.

Wide-Eyes Are Up Looking For Terrorist

The army is keeping a strict eye for terrorists along the Line Of Control. They suspect that terrorists might disguise themselves as nomads or commoners.
“We have discovered some dumps of arms and ammunition in recent past along the LoC. This is a clear indication that people across the border are making shallow infiltration, dumping the weapons, and returning to their launch pads across the border. This may be because of the robust anti-infiltration grid being in place.”
On being questioned whether Pakistan is gathering troops along LoC for increasing tension. Gen Raju said, “We have not noticed any such attempts so far.”

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