Green Eggs and Ham Season 2: The utility will rise with a second serving!

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Harsirat Kaur
Harsirat Kaur
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Green Eggs and Ham Season 2 is a reprisal of our childhood dreams. Literally! It is an American fantasy road comedy based on Dr. Seuss’s 1960’s book ‘Green Eggs and Ham’. The show premiered on November 8, 2019, on Netflix. The first season garnered a rating of 8.2 on IMDb and 100 percent on Rotten Tomatoes. The show made the older generation live their childhood story through the newer generation. I can just imagine how many grandparents were elated watching the show.

The show is silly and mad funny. It revolves around a Chickeraffe. Sam rescues the rare Chickeraffe from the zoo intending to return it back to its natural habitat. He accidentally swaps his briefcase with Guys, then they both go on a road trip. They are accompanied by E.B., a girl who wants to adopt the Chickeraffe as a pet, and her mother. They are followed by an arrogant poacher Snerz, two ‘B.A.D.G.U.Y.S.’, and Snerz’s bounty hunter named Goat.

Green Eggs and Ham Season 2
Source: Just Jared Jr.

When will Green Eggs and Ham Season 2 release?

In December 2019, Netflix renewed the show for a second season named ‘Green Eggs and Ham: the Second Serving.‘ The second season will have ten episodes as opposed to the first season which ran for 13 episodes. The renewal was pretty quick. Hence, we know that Netflix and the creators are stoked about Green Eggs and Ham Season 2. However, a release date is not set yet. The first season took four years to reach the fruition stage. Hence, now with COVID-19 in full force, we can easily expect the show to return by 2022 or 2023.

The cast of the show

This star-studded show will have the same cast reprise their respective roles. The star cast is bustling and booming, so we will see the following faces:

  • Michael Douglas as Guy
  • Adam DeVine as Sam
  • Keegan-Micheal Key as the narrator
  • Eddie Izzard as Hervnick Z. Snerz
  • Jeffrey Wright as McWinkle
  • Jillian Bell as Glantz
  • Diane Keaton as Michellee
  • Ilana Glazer as E.B.
Green Eggs and Ham Season 2 plot
A new journey awaits us in Green Eggs and Ham Season 2–Source: Hollywood Reporter

What will you see in Green Eggs and Ham Season 2?

The first season ended on a note of optimism. Both Guy and Sam had a happy ending. Guy discovered that his love for Green Eggs and Ham is actually pretty deep. They also managed to fight off the bad guys, thanks to Mr. Guy’s rocket invention. They also meet up with Michellee and her daughter.

In Green Eggs and Ham Season 2, we will see both the pals alighting on a journey to East Flubria to find Sam’s mother. With them on a journey again, we can expect more bad guys to follow them. They can be the old B.A.D.G.U.Y.S. or a new set of villains. Hence, the second edition will further take along the close bond between Guy and Sam.

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