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Harsirat Kaur
Harsirat Kaur
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One Punch Man Chapter 135 is all set to mark the end of the Manga series written by ONE and illustrated by Yusuke Murata. This manga cum webcomic series is in life since 2009 and has more than 7.9 million hits. The first digital volume of the manga came in February 2014. this is when One Punch man became popular in North America. In 2015, the manga started getting released in a print format in the United States. The manga series currently has 21 tankōbon volumes. However, from chapter 107 ‘Back’ onwards, the chapters are still to get published in tankōbon format. That is, ONE is releasing the chapters independently right now.

One Punch Man Chapter 135
Tatsumaki kinda looks like Medusa, or is it just us?

When will One Punch Man Chapter 135 come out?

Chapter 134 came out on September 8. Hence, we perceive that you are not able to keep your calm. Do not worry because One Punch Man Chapter 135 will be even better. However, as far as the release date are concerned, we can get it within a few months, probably on a Sunday. The English version can be a little more delayed. However, you can read the chapter on VIX media, Shone Jump, and Mangaplus.

Chapter 134 recap

Chater 134 was packed with action and it was out of the world. Genos attacked Psykos using ‘true Incineration Canon’. He further uses his full force and activates the 10-second power-up attack. This released the hostages Psykos held. Psykos realizes that his attack left him vulnerable and hence, she tries to finish him. Tatsumaki bleedingly wrung out the entire city of demons. The ending showed the entire pump amassed with the debris caused by Tatsumaki.

One Punch Man Chapter 135 love story
Tatsumaki and Genos in a probable love story? Awww

What will happen in One Punch Mna chapter 135?

Considering that we saw the immense power of Tasumaki, we will probably see more of her display of vigor, along with a dumbfounded Genos. Tatsumaki and Genos can finally have a shot together and Tatsumaki said, “I can finally focus on us now.”

Tatsumaki will protect ‘demon Cyborg’ from any coming threats after he used his 10-second beam cannon. The power level in the last few chapters is immense and we are waiting to see one level up. We did not see Saitama in the last few chapters, hence, we can see his comeback as well. Now, we know how strong Tatsumaki is, so we can also see a Psykos vs Tatsumaki fight in the concluding One Punch Man Chapter 135. Also, never forget new and old monsters and heroes who can pay a visit again. As the chapter’s name suggests, it will be ‘a great something‘.

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