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The 2006 comedy Borat: America’s Cultural Learnings to Make Profit Glorious Nation of Kazakhstan remains one of the 21st century’s most successful, quotable, and divisive films. The film follows Sacha Baron Cohen as the titular Borat, a man from Kazakhstan who journeys to the United States to learn about his traditions, express his own patrimony, and stalk Pamela Anderson. And just as you thought people were going to say “really sweet” and “my mom,” it was revealed suddenly that Borat 2 would soon be arriving to offer more funny hijinks.

The internet realized something was coming after the upload of video footage from YouTube channel CATNIP showing Sacha Baron Cohen, dressed as Borat, driving around Los Angeles. Confirmation quickly followed from a Collider announcement that there was a feature-length sequel on the way. Not only was the whole film already filmed, but it was also only already screened for a group of insiders in the entertainment industry.

At first, the specifics were scant but we now know even more about what to expect. And if the summary is something to go by, then the sequel would be as rude and scandalous as the first movie.

Release Date

It seems like it’s good to roll, given the sequel has already been tested. While no official release date has yet been announced, it has been confirmed that it will be released later this year (via The Film Stage). Much like the first movie, the sequel seems to have a strong political bent. As a result, it seems fair to assume that it will come just before the US election on November 3, 2020. As you get ready to mail in your vote or go off to the polls, thanks to Sacha Baron Cohen, you might have a new insight on the electoral process.

Of course, with the COVID-19 pandemic already shuttering several movie theatres around the world, how you’ll be able to see the movie is still unknown. We wouldn’t be disappointed if it went straight to a streaming site (although it’s unclear from this writing which one will be the most likely candidate) or Video on Demand. If it happens we will have more news.


The Film Stage screening study says the sequel is considered a Great Performance. The story is catching up with Borat, who in the aftermath of his first series becomes a foreign celebrity when he goes undercover to continue investigating prominent figures of American culture. Although the exact specifics are not all there, the plot touches of the film on the coronavirus, as well as the friendship between President Donald Trump and Jeffrey Epstein, have been confirmed.

It seems as though Sacha Baron Cohen stays inside the political sphere which has made him so popular during his career. Cohen traveled around the world for the original 2006 mockumentary in costume conversing with people from all walks of life. Since Borat is so personable (and largely unknown back then, despite debuting on Cohen’s earlier Da Ali G Show TV series), these people always ended up lowering their defenses and telling a few things they would not have expected to let the world know. In his hit 2018 Showtime series Who is America, the chameleonic comedian parlayed this same tactic? In which Cohen posed as different characters, and interviewed political and pop culture personalities.

You’d think at this stage, people would be smart at Cohen’s game. But if those initial rumors are correct, then it looks like he’s bagged some of his career’s biggest names to star in Borat 2.



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