Berserk Season 3: Plot And Detail!

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Berserk season 3 is an upcoming season of the anime series Berserk. It is based on the manga series of the same name. It had premiere its first season in 2016 and the second season in 2017. And since the release of the second season, everyone is waiting desperately for the Berserk season 3.

They want to know every detail regarding the update of the brand new season. So here is every detail about the season 3 of the Berserk. It’s plot, cast, and release date. Keep reading.

Release Date Of The Berserk Season 3

Berserk season 3 release date
Berserk season 3

There is no confirmation about the third season of the Berserk. Yeah, even three years after the release of the second season, there is no news about the third season of the Berserk. But the season is still in line due to the ending of the second season. As the second season ended with a lot of cliffhangers and a message that the story will continue. And since that message, everyone is hoping for the continuation of the story. So finger crossed for the third season of the Berserk.

Plot Of The Berserk 

The story follows the Gut, Black Mercenary. He was wandering one time and was taken in by the mercenary group known as the Band of Hawk. He fought alongside them. But one day every mercenary was sacrificed in the eclipse ritual of the Griffith, the mutilated leader to become one of God’s hand and achieve his dream of ruling the Kingdom. Only Gut and his lover Casca was able to escape the ritual. But Casca had lost her sanity due to the horror of the ritual.

So after finding her a safe shelter, Gut starts the journey of vengeance. He set on the path to find a method to kill the hand of God. The story is full of emotion and action. And it will continue its charisma in the next season of the Berserk.

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