IAS Interview and its trickster disguised mind-boggling questions.

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Harsirat Kaur
Harsirat Kaur
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IAS Interview is the final stage of the coveted civil services examination. This is the round after which aspirants get a position in civil services, including the deemed post of an IAS. Indian Administrative Service is anything but easy. This is why the questions asked by the UPSC panel are one of the trickiest questions sked veer. The interview runs for half an hour and following a high rank in it, candidates can get closer to appear in UPSC Civil Services Exam (CSE). The questions posed aim at testing the academic and general awareness. It also tests the candidates’ personality and temperament. the interview panel consists of eminent officers. they pose questions that test the candidates’ academic, non-academic, and technical knowledge.

The motive of questions asked in an IAS Interview?

Most of the time, the question in front of a candidate makes the candidate all clammy. Even though sometimes, the answer is easy, the way a question is framed does not leave any space left for judgment abilities to work on time. They are intended to make a candidate know what it feels like to be under pressure and how to come up with the best solution within the stipulated time. In short, it is an exercise to give a sneak peek at the daily activities once they become an IAS.

Some examples of questions asked till now

  1. How will you run your administration if you don’t know English?

Ina an IAS interview, the interviewer, after asking the question told the candidate to have some water. The candidate then said that he would not drink water from a glass vessel but from a steel one. The interviewer went perturbed and asked what sort of a demand that was. The Aspirant then said, “Sir, this is my answer. Right now, the matter is to drink water. It doesn’t matter how I drink it. In the same way, as an IAS, I will aim to run the administration. It won’t matter in which language I run it.”

2. What is that thing which comes once a month and goes after the completion of 24 hours?

IAS interview question and the answer is 'Date'
Source: Dreamstime

The answer to this is ‘date‘. A date comes only once a month and expires after 24 hours because a new date comes then.

3. Why aren’t there no pockets in women’s shirts?

The answer is pretty simple. The motive of a woman’s shirt is to make it aesthetic. A pocket can ruin it, hence, no one ever put a pocket on a woman’s shirt.

4. What looks exactly like a replica of half an apple?

The answer is simple yet again. The other half of the apple will look exactly like the half in question.

5. if you had three apples and four oranges in one hand and four apples and three oranges in the other hand, what would you have?

The answer is oh so, amazing. If one can accommodate all of that in each hand, then it means that you have big hands.

6. An interviewer ordered a cup of coffee for the candidate. Coffee arrived, he kept it before the candidate and asked the candidate, “what is before you?”

The candidate instantly answered ‘tea.’ The answer is correct. How? What comes before U? Alphabet ‘T‘.

7. How can a man go without eight days of sleep?

This IAS interview question automatically takes us into the depth of biology. However, the answer is straightforward and witty. A man can go without eight days of sleep because he sleeps at night.

Insert crying laughing emoji.

8. What do you call ‘police’ in Hindi?

IAS interview question about police
A general knowledge question–Source: ORF

The correct answer is ‘राजकीय जन रक्षक‘.

9. If a guy proposes a girl, is it a crime?

The question comes with the mindset of Indian society. Many people take it upon themselves to punish the by and a girl if they are romantically involved. However, no section of IPC specifies that it is a crime, hence it is not.

10. What is the one thing that freezes when heated?

The answer is ‘egg‘.

11. How can you lift an elephant with one hand?

You can never find an elephant with one hand. So, that is an impossible feat.


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