Rhea Chakraborty withdraws confession in the case of drugs,  says NCB compelled her to make statements of incrimination

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Bollywood actress Rhea Chakraborty filed a bail in a special court under the Drugs and Psychotropic Substances Act (NDPS) on Wednesday after being arrested by the BCN on Tuesday 8 September in connexion with the death of actor Sushant Singh Rajput in connexion with a drug case.

Rhea agreed to go to the special court after a district court denied his bail plea on Tuesday. In the latest lawsuit, submitted by Satish Maneshinde, Rhea’s solicitor, the actress said she had committed no offense.

“She had not done any crime, she was unfairly embroiled in this case,” said the appeal. Moreover, it is alleged that Rhea “was forced to make a self-incriminating confession, and the claimant officially withheld all of these incriminating confessions by the submission of September 8.”

“No single female officer interviewed the present claimant as required by statute. In the case of Sheela Barse VS State Maharashtra, the Supreme Court ruled that women’s questioning could only be done in the presence of a female police officer/gendarme, “reads the request for release under surveillance, finding out that the BCN did not obey the Supreme Court guidelines.

Rhea’s solicitor has raised the question of the applicability of the NDPS Section 27A claims against Rhea, stating: “The complaints against this person will represent at most a procurement of a minor quantity of substance which is in effect an appropriate offense. There is not the slightest proof to link the claimant to the financing of any illegal traffic or to the hosting of a criminal and therefore the ingredients of Article 27 A of the NDPS law are not identified. In present conditions as in real evidence.

“The Respondent (NCB) is vague on the amount of money, the number of medications, and the type of medications the new applicant supposedly obtained and sponsored. In the layman word, the situation of the respondent is that the claimant will arrange the supply of the medication to her then-partner, and sometimes pay for them themselves. In general, her alleged position, if any, is to procure for her then-boyfriend a minor amount of medicine that would fall squarely within the limits of section 20(b)(ii)(A) (products, makes, holds, transfers, receives, transportations, interstate imports, interstate exports or cannabis use) that is punishable by a maximum prison sentence of one year or a fine or both, reads the bail plea filed by Rhea’s lawyer.

Rhea’s bail plea will be heard by the special court Thursday.

After three days of investigation, Rhea was arrested by the NCB. Shortly after her arrest, a local court held Rhea under judicial detention for 14 days. The actress was moved to Mumbai’s Byculla Prison Wednesday after spending a night at the NCB hospital.

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