Netflix’s “Memories Of Idhun”: Release Date, Plot And More!

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Memories of Idhun is coming to Netflix! The animated series is based on The Idhun’s Memories which is a fantasy and adventure trilogy. Spanish author Laura Gallego is the writer of the trilogy. The animated web series will adapt the famous Spanish saga of fabricated trilogy novels.

Release Date of “Memories of Idhun”

The streaming giant had been working on the adaptation of Memories of Idhun for quite some time now. Although the makers and streaming platform have not spilled any details on its format. The anime series will debut on Netflix on 10th September 2020. An anime series adaptation is by Zeppelin TV and was announced on 13th August 2020

The first season of the web series will have five episodes which will release in 190 countries. The five episodes will be based on the first book of the saga drafted by Laura Gallego, La Resistencia. The original novel was written almost 15 years ago, and the animated web series only took two years to produce.

The Plot of the Anime Series

Memories ANd IDHUN
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The books tell the story of a fantastic and wonderful chain of events that affects two worlds: Earth and Idhun. Idhun was created by six gods, who also created the warm-blooded races and the semi-divine dragons and unicorns. There is also a seventh god, who is the enemy of the rest. He created the cold-blooded races, the Szish, and the semi-divine sheks, which are winged snakes.

As the story progresses, we discover that there is a complex plot behind it. It spins around the battle of the Gods: The six creator gods (Aldun, Irial, Karevan, Wina, Yohavir, and Neliam) against the Seventh god, father of the cold-blooded races. The terrestrial beings are the pawns they will use to win a godly battle. The dragons guide the warm-blooded races and the sheks guide the cold-blooded race, Szish. The unicorns spread magic through the world randomly by touching people with their horns in order to make them semi-wizards or wizards.

The plot of the story develops in four worlds: the Earth, Idhun, Limbhad which is a world between the Earth and Idhun, and Umadhun.

Spanish productions have seen growth in recent years, and the reach is not only to Netflix. Spanish cinema is now getting global appreciation. It is certainly too early to predict the reception of the Netflix adaptation of this epic Spanish saga. Will the series follow the book or will it spin the story around? We will find out soon as the debut is so near!

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