COVID-19 Vaccine: Here Is The Status Check Of The Front Runners

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COVID-19 vaccine is being developed by several pharmacies all over the world. All of them are currently undergoing large scale trials. Besides, it is quite evident that they are all trying to bring out the vaccine by this year itself. While China and Russia might have stolen the march for coronavirus vaccine, others are still fighting back. All eyes are on Moderna, AstraZeneca, and Pfizer.

Rich search results on Google when searched for "COVID-19 Vaccine"
The status check. Image Source: The Indian Express

All of these pharma giants are currently undergoing their third phase of clinical trials. Russia releases its first batch of Sputnik V on Tuesday. This was available for public use as a coronavirus vaccine. As per World Health Organizations (WHO), there are 175 vaccine candidates. They are all in the pre-clinical and clinical stages. 33 out of them are in the clinical trials and 8 out of them are in the last stage. Here is the latest status check of the vaccine front runners.

COVID-19 Vaccine: AstraZeneca

Oxford University is busy developing this vaccine. It is one of the most promising candidates for the coronavirus vaccine. It is currently undergoing its third phase in Brazil, India, South Africa, Britain, and the USA being the latest. The vaccine is being developed from adenovirus. It is a weaker form of the common cold and is mostly found in chimpanzees. There has been an enrolment of 30,000 participants for the Astrazeneca trials in the USA. The global trials involve 50,000 participants. The trials are also about to start in Russia and Japan as well.


Rich search results on Google when searched for "COVID-19 Vaccine"
COVID-19 Vaccine. Image Source : ABC News

Pfizer is developing a vaccine with its German counterpart BioNTech. It is also undergoing its phase three trials. It uses the RNA messenger to detect coronavirus and also boost immunity. In recent reports, the company claims that it is going to announce the results by this October. The pharma giant manufactures several does for the vaccine and also has a plant in Belgium. The CEO mentions that if they do not have results then they will not submit it for approval. The preliminary results show that the vaccine elicits a robust immune system in the participants.

COVID-19 Vaccine: Moderna

US Biotech company is developing this vaccine. It is currently undergoing its third phase of clinical trials. There are 30, 000 participants volunteering for this trial. The scientists will evaluate the 100mg of the dose in the participants. However, the company is planning to price the vaccine $50-60 per course. In the early stages of clinical trials, the company claims that the vaccine boosts immune response. This is even in elderly patients. The final stage trial will be in September.

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