Little Things Season 4: Release Date, Cast, Plot, And Latest Updates!

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Little Things is one of Netflix’s famous shows. It’s an Indian game show of comedy that has got a massive base of fans. Earned the most important hit on the Netflix website. This show’s tale deals with a Dhruv and Kavya link bunch based at Bombay. The series has captured the viewers’ hearts. The crowd had been impressed with the excellent performances. The series depicted the ideal combination of reality connected to the show. It exposed the bitter side of life with an adorable love story along with the mutual bond between these as well. The series was first released on Dice Radio and was acquired by Netflix afterwards.

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Release Date

Netflix has purchased the first five episodes of the season. Season 1 was released in October 2016 and season two followed. Then finally, in November 2019, season 3 was premiered. Until now, no public comment has been made on this fourth season’s premiere date. We may predict that from November 2020, Netflix will embody this relationship between Dhruv and Kavya.


With its crafted plot, this show won the heart of tens of thousands of fans, as well as the celebrities: Mithila Palker, who played the lead role in Girl In The City, Katti Batti, and many popular shows. She delights passionately with her boyfriend. Dhruv Sehgal played the Dhruv role. The show’s leading roles are played alongside Mithila Palker and Dhruv Sehgal.

The series’ other casting members are Navni Parihar as well as Ila Kulkarni. Rishi Deshpande like Murthy to be Satish Kulkarni, Loveleen Mishra, Veena Nair, Abhishek Bhalerao. Priyanka Arya, Varun Tiwari as Akshay, and lastly, Nupur as Anika Ghaisas.


Portraying the life span of Dhruv and Kavya Little Things in each of its seasons provides interesting twists. In addition, it gives an insightful view of their lives and all the issues the couple faces. The narrative’s highlights are the couples’ dislikes as well as the likes they confront.

Season 4 is likely to handle other delicate issues. The show will also tell about the real-life struggles that couples face. The series’ fundamental theme will be about the challenges and how the couple will cope with those tough times.

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