Oxford COVID vaccine trails delayed: Safety Approvals

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Oxford COVID vaccine is on the way. When we look anywhere now, we look for the news of the COVID vaccine. There is a need for this miraculous vaccine for everyone around the world.  Among this chaos, the vaccine is the last hope of everyone. Each person on this earth is eagerly waiting for the release of the COVID-19 vaccine and all the medical researchers are working day and night to come out with good news. 172 economies are now engaged in working on the vaccine.

Oxford COVID vaccine trials delayed: Safety Approvals
India TV News

Among them, the most promising candidate and option are the Oxford-Astrazeneca produced. Covishield is one of the three vaccine candidates undergoing trials in the country, apart from Bharat Biotech’s Covaxin, and Zydus Cadila’s ZCOV-D. However, reports are now showing that the trails of Oxford’s Covishield in India may be delayed over safety approvals.

As per the reports released by IANS clinical trials of Covishield that were expected to start at the Post Graduate Institute of Medical Education and Research in Chandigarh have been delayed by at least a week. The trials were expected to begin in the first week of September, but currently, the status is on hold and everyone is waiting for approval for the safety of the first 100 participants recruited till now, from the Data Safety and Monitoring Board.

About 400 volunteers for the trials are received by PGIMER and among them, 253 have been administered the vaccine so far. The recruitment of candidates now stays on hold, until further notice. All across the country, 17 sites were selected for the trails for Oxford’s vaccine candidate in India. PGIMER is one of those 17 sites and will participate in the second and third phase trials of the vaccine.

Serum Institute of India is the producing hub of the Oxford-AstraZeneca’s COVID-19 vaccine. And, the vaccine is being speculated as being the first vaccine; that may be available to Indians, against the deadly corona virus. Plus, as per the reports, Bharat Biotech’s Covaxin is also set to begin phase 2 trials on Monday.

Prof. Dr Madhu Gupta, the principal investigator of the vaccine trial scheduled at the PGIMER “For the time being, the further recruitment of the candidates for the trials for the Oxford vaccine is on hold because; we are waiting for the approval for safety of the first 100 participants recruited till now; from the Data Safety and Monitoring Board. In this light, we would be able to update you regarding any development on this front by next weekend only.”

Corona virus vaccine might be ready by the end of this year; according to ADhar Poonawalla, Chief executive officer of the Pune-based firm.


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