Sinovac CEO Says 90% Of The Chinese Employees And Their Families Took Coronavirus Vaccine

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Sinovac CEO says that about 90% of their employees and their families took the coronavirus vaccine. CoronaVac of Sinovac Biotech Ltd. Is in its third phase of clinical trials. The vaccine also finds its place in the emergency scheme of the company. Besides the vaccine was approximately offered to 2,000 to 3,000 employees and their families. It is done on a voluntary basis. The CEO on Sunday says that the experimental vaccine by the Chinese firm is under the emergency use program of the country. China launches its inclusive emergency program back in July. However, there are not many revelations about the details of the program. It points out that they have been using the experimental vaccine quite actively. Even if the clinical trials are still underway they hope to protect their workers from a resurgence.

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Sinovac And Their CoronaVac

CoronaVac vaccine by the Chinese company is still in its third stage of clinical trials. However, the company is voluntarily distributing the vaccine to its employees. Not only this, but their families can also avail of this vaccine. Yin Weidong, the CEO mentions that about 90% of their employees are getting this vaccine. The inclusive program is for specific groups. This includes the medical staff, the workers at the food markets, and also service and transportation sectors. Yin says,

“As a vaccine manufacturer and developer, a new outbreak can directly impact our production”.

While saying this he basically explains the reason for the inclusion of his company in the emergency scheme.

Rich search results on Google when searched for "Sinovac"
Illustrative vial of coronavirus vaccine. Image Source: PMLIVE

As per the data of the program, it could offer evidence regarding the safety of the vaccine. But this data is not a part of the protocol of clinical trials. It will also not be used as the main materials that are required to review and approve the vaccine. The CEO says that all the volunteers have been informed about the side effects. They also mention that the vaccine is still awaiting the results of its final trial. The CEO of the company also takes a shot of this vaccine. He mentions that the doctors ask about his health conditions before the vaccination. Also, the occurrence rate of adverse reactions is very long among the inoculators.

However, there are some mild side effects of the coronavirus vaccine. It includes pain, fever, and fatigue. The symptoms are mostly mild. And the company obtain these data from observing 600 participants. Besides, there has been no vaccine that passes the final trials to protect the citizens globally.

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