Joseph Biden In The Final Stretch Defends His Lead Against President Donald Trump’s Onslaught

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Joseph Biden aggressively moves to defend his polling lead against the ferocious President. Donald Trump is attempting to overtake his Democratic challenger. He is planning a strategy of racial polarization in the Midwestern states dominated by whites. Besides, due to the coronavirus pandemic, the Presidential elections were ling muffled. However, after Labour Day it will burst into a new public and intense phase. Biden is all set to defend his lead from Trump who is planning a ferocious onslaught.

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The candidacy race. Image Source: Orlando Sentinel.

In August the race between the candidacy is found to be quite stable but tightening in some states. Private polls show that Mr. Trump is receiving in some rural areas who drifted apart. This was due to the worsening coronavirus pandemic. However, Mr. Biden continues to enjoy advantages with every other group. This is especially in populous areas where the virus is still active and dominant.

Joseph Biden Defends His Lead In The Final Stretch

Rich search results on Google when searched for "Joseph Biden"
Joseph Biden. Image Source: Asia Newsday

Ever since Geroge Bush, no President ever enters the Labour Day weekend. This is the traditional kickoff campaign of the fall. Mr. Biden claims the nomination in April and Donald Trump did not allow public polls in must-win states like Florida. Besides, there has also been a little fluctuation in the Presidential race. The big win of the President in 2016 comes as a surprise to all hopeful Republicans and nervous Democrats alike. The effects of Mr. Trump to revive his candidacy has jolted Mr. Biden. Trump blames Mr. Biden’s party for arson and looting in several American cities.

Seeing this Mr. Biden is in a very proactive posture. The former Vice President forcefully pushes back false attacks. He also joins hands with John F. Kerry, the Secretary of the State. Mr trump believes that his strategy of racial discrimination might allow him to catch up in the race. He is targeting heavily white-dominated States like Minnesota and Wisconsin. Tim Pawlenty and Scott Walker, the two Republicans mention that Mr. Biden enters the fall elections with a slight advantage. However, this advantage can quickly turn against him.

Mr. Pawlenty says, “Can Trump get back some of his voters in the second and third ring of suburbs? They are unsettled by violence. But the question is if it is enough to reverse recent voting patterns”. Mr. Walker says Trump’s hopes on Wisconsin depends on three Presidential debates. It will have an impact if the voters worry about Mr. Biden.

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