Rick And Morty Season 5: Everything We Know So Far!

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Rick and Morty mania is back! The work on “Rick and Morty Season 5” has began. One of the most popular animated shows, the series boasts of a huge fan base. The show has inspired all sorts of memes and conversation points over the course of its four series.

Justin Roiland and Dan Harmon are the creators of the adult animated science fiction series. The series began from an animated short parody movie of “Back to the Future” which was created by Justin Roiland.

The first season of the sereis debuted in December 2013 on Adult Swim. The fourth season of the seriesaired at two different time. The first five episodes began airing on 10th November 2019 and the rest five on 3rd May 2020. Thankfully the work on the series’ fifth installment started before the coronavirus pandemic vrought life to a halt across the globe.

Release Date of “Rick and Morty Season 5”

Rick & Morty Season 5: Release Date And New Villain Revealed!
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The official release date for the upcoming series is still unknown. Although the creators of the show has assured that the wait wont be long. Dan Harmon has promised fans that it is safe to say without fear of being wrong that the gap between seasons three and four will be the longest. They don’t know how fast they can release the fifth season, but they have assured the fans it wont be that long again.

The confirmation of the fifth istallment of the series came on May 2020. It is part of a loong term deal of May 2018 that orders 70 new episodes over unspecified seasons.

We are currently not sure how the pandemic is going to impact the release of season five. Sarah Chalke, who voices Beth in the series, revealed in May that the cast have not yet read through the series.She said that they are most likely going to hold off recordings untill things settle down.

Justin Roiland also commented in May that if all the 10 episodes are erady then Adult Swim can release all the episodes in one go without split.

The Plot of the Show

The series follows the misadventures of a eccentric, alcoholic mad scientist Rick Sanchez and his 14 year old kind-hearted but fretful grandson Morty Smith, who split their time between domestic life and interdimensional adventures. the series takes place in infinite number of realities, with the characters travelling to other planets and dimensions through portals and Rick’s flying car.

The unpredictable and non-linear nature of the duo makes it hard to predict what will happen in the upcoming season. But we do have a teasor clip from season 5 where Rick contemplates death as he and Morty are chased by a tentacle-wielding monster. Watch the teaser below.

The Cast of the Show

Justin Roiland will return to voice half the cast, including the main characters Rick and Morty. Sarah Chalke will be voicing Beth and Chris Parnell will voice Jerry. Spencer Grammer will be voicing Summer.

Season four saw a  host of famous guest stars, including Paul Giamatti, Keegan-Michael Key, Matthew Broderick, Justin Theroux and Elon Musk. We are hoping for a similar star studded cast in season 5. Fingers crossed!

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