Is The Originals Coming Back On CW?

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CW show The Originals was the famous spin-off the Vampire Diaries. It had premiered in 2015 and had run a total of five successful seasons. It was one of the most loved supernatural show with vampires, witches, and hybrid. And after the cancellation of the show in 2018, many fans were heartbroken. They still hope to get the new season of The Originals.

Here is everything to know about the famous vampire series. It’s plot, cast, and every detail. So keep reading.

Plot Of The Originals

CW The Originals season 6
The Originals

The Originals is the story of the mighty Mikaelson. The oldest and the original family of vampires. They are five brothers and sister with immense power and is bind by the oath of always and forever. Their story starts when after a hundred years, the Mikaelson sibling comes to New Orleans to rule again. And Klaus Mikaelson, the hybrid with his brother Elijah wants to reclaim the throne of the New Orleans from his protege and foster son Marcel. As he wanted to create a kingdom and the army for would-be child and heir.

The show had many ups and downs and nail hitting moments. It was one of the best supernatural family drama out there with a moto Family above all. Mikaelson was crazy, messy, dangerous but above all, they are bounded by the love for each other. They live and died for each other.

What Is The Final Fate Of The Mikaelson? Are They Ever Going To Come Back?

The Originals season 6
The Mikaelson

The show ended with the sacrifice of Hayley, Klaus, and Elijah to save their daughter from the darkness. And there are only four of the Mikaelson are alive. But they are not coming back again. The Originals is not coming back with a new season. As their story moves on with the Klaus’s and Hayley daughter Hope in the Legacies. Legacies show the story of Hope Mikaelson, the heir, and the princess of the Mikaelson. So in a way, the Mikaelson are living on in Hope.

And you all can watch Hope’s journey on Legacies at CW and Amazon Prime Video.

Cast Of The Show

The Originals was consist of many talented and wonderful actors.

  • Joseph Morgan — as Klaus Mikaelson
  • Danielle Gillies — as Elijah Mikaelson
  • Claire Holt — as Rebecca Mikaelson
  • Nate Buzz — as Kol Mikaelson
  • Phoebe Tonkin — as Hayley Marshall
  • Riley Volkel — as Freya Mikaelson
  • Daniel Russell Rose — as Hope Mikaelson


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