China is trying to whitewash the facts about COVID-19 on account of a refurnished Wuhan

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Harsirat Kaur
Harsirat Kaur
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China is the birthplace of the pandemic that made our 2020 worse nonetheless. People lost their loved ones, lost their jobs, lost their mental peace, and all they want is the truth about it. We just need factual information from the countries so that we can mentally prepare ourselves for what’s still to come. But, what happens when the countries try to not take any responsibility? What happens when nations say try to meddle with the recorded data? Sounds pretty much idiotic and stupid, right? Of course, it does. Recently, news has been surfacing that China is trying to confuse everybody regarding the Coronavirus’ information. Keep reading to find out exactly what China’s new propaganda is.

What is China up to?

China wants to gloss the facts in a way that changes the history and recorded data. It is trying to retell people that COVID-19 did not originate from Wuhan, China at all.

Yes, you read that right.

Various politicians and diplomats are contending the fact that the pandemic originated from China.

This tweet gives us an inkling that the nations are hell-bent on the blame game, not considering the sanctity of truth. Now, China is showing Wuhan’s citizens as warriors and making them look like the martyrs who battled the war and are finally home.

Pretty Ironical!

This past week, Chinese primary schools reopened for the students and also telling that they don’t even need masks to protect them. This completely whitewashes the fact that Wuhan is the wet place that has the brightest red color on it regarding the COVID-19’s flow. Chinese official, Lin Songtian said, “There are a few places in the world today where you don’t need a mask and can gather. This testifies to Wuhan’s triumph over the virus.”

China tries to flip the pandemic switch
Source: CTV News

How is Wuhan represented now?

Yun Jiang, the director of Australian National University’s China Policy Center attacked the US saying that it not doing well gives China a better go at things. The three-day Wuhan tour highlighted a new Wuhan. It showed primary school students performing opera and ballet, a renovated food market, and a Yangtze riverfront cruise referencing the recovery.

People do not wear masks a lot now. They are back at their work, selling flowers, people are joking around. The legendary Chinese street food is opened again. People are pretty positive that Wuhan is safe now and that people targeting them should stop. Watch the linked documentary for more.

The sellers are happy to be back at work again. Their sales are doing like pre-COVID times and they are on cloud nine about it. There is a drastic change in how Wuhan is recovering and it targeting other countries makes it quite boastful, if you will. Still, people worry that with winter, it can come back again.

However, the main thing that does not sit well with us is the Chinese officials who sit in power and are trying to wash their hands off of the chapter. China wants to de-link itself from the outbreak, now that other countries are doing worse than it.

China tries to flip the pandemic switch on account of new Wuhan
Source: CNA

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