Hospital Playlist Season 2: Netflix Renewed The Series!

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Hospital Playlist season 2 is an upcoming series on Netflix. Hospital Playlist first season had premiered on Netflix in March 2020 and ended in May 2020. And just after the hit of the first season, Netflix renewed it for the Hospital Playlist season 2. Since the renewal of the series for season second everyone wants to know about every detail of the season 2.

When it’s going to release on Netflix? Who will be the cast of the series? What will be the plot of season second? This is the question among every fan of the series. So here is the answer to every one of the questions. Keep reading.

Release Date Of The Hospital Playlist Season 2

Hospital Playlist season 2
Hospital Playlist

Although Netflix had renewed the show for season 2, there is still no official announcement about the release date and the trailer of the season 2. And basically, it is normal, because it’s season second is renewed recently and it’s too soon to announce the release date of the series. So, be patient, it is possible that Netflix will release the Hospital Playlist season second in the summer of 2021 or the end of it.

Plot Of The Hospital Playlist

Hospital Playlist season 2 release date
Hospital Playlist plot

Hospital Playlist is the story of friendship and love. Yeah, it is the story of the five friends, who are doctors. They are the best friends since college. And they share the common passion for music. The hospital playlist is a heartwarming, beautiful,  romantic, and emotional drama series. It keeps everyone hooked from start with its wonderful plot and characters.

The first season of the series was ended with a cliffhanger, which gave hope for season 2. And now when season 2 of the show is coming, it’s going to be the continuation of the first part. It is going to be as beautiful and heartwarming as the first part. So hold your breath for another journey full of friendship and romance.

Cast Of The Hospital Playlist

The cast of the Hospital Playlist is full of a lot of talented and beautiful actors. And by all means, they all are coming back for the Hospital Playlist season 2.

  • Jo Jung-suk —as Lee Ik-Joon
  • Yoo Yeon-Seok — as Ahn Jung-Won
  • Kim Dae-Myung — as Yang Seok-Hyung
  • Jung Kyung-ho — as Kim Joon-wan
  • Jeon Mi-do — as Chae Song-Hwa

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