Wonder Woman 1984: Delayed Again? All you Need To Know About Release Date, Cast, Plot, And More

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The upcoming superhero movie Wonder Woman 1984 is finally on its way. After several delays and a long wait, it is finally not too far away. It is a character of DC comics and it is going to be a sequel to Wonder Woman of 2017. However, it is also the ninth installment of the DC Extended Universe. This is the most anticipated movie and it has been a long time coming. Wonder Woman blesses several girls young or old by proving to be a role model. We have all seen Diana Prince’s epic sprints and her wish to eliminate evil. We are all eager to see what this new movie has in store for us. We hopefully will see Diana taking on the male dominant world once again. Therefore here is everything we know about the upcoming movie. Keep on reading to find out more.

Release Date

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Gal Gadot as Wonder Woman. Image Source: Wired

There have been several release dates and delays for this movie. After the original movie in 2017, the sequel was all set to release in 2019. However, there were two dates before it finally came down to June 2020. But, due to the given coronavirus pandemic worldwide there were further delays. So as of now, it is going to release on October 2, 2020. But is that all or will it face another delay? Let us find out in the upcoming segments.

Is Wonder Woman 1984 Delayed Again?

While the whole universe is waiting for the movie to release, it seems to face further delays. Patty Jenkins, the director says, “I made Wonder Woman 1984 for the big screens”. Ana Sarnoff, CEO of Warner Bros. also supports Jenkins in her thought of big screens. She says, “We are still figuring out a strategy for all our movies. We have done a lot of work. And obviously, Wonder Woman 1984 is next. For now, it is where it is. Like I said earlier, certain movies deserve to be on the big screen. Wonder Woman is certainly one of those”. Reading these statements it is possible that the movie is yet to face another delay. Hopefully, we will receive some news soon.


We will definitely see the star cast from the 2017 return. This includes Gal Gadot back in her role as Diana Prince a.k.a Wonder Woman. We will also see Chris Pine being back as Steve Trevor which is much of a pleasant surprise. However, Pine will actually be coming back as Steve Trevor’s son, Steve Trevor Jr. Pedro Pascal will play the ruthless industrialist Maxwell Lord. We will also have another villain this time. It will be Kristen Wiig as Barbra Ann Minerva a.k.a Cheetah.

Wonder Woman 1984 Plot

Rich search results on Google when searched for "Wonder Woman 1984"
The new villain, Cheetah. Image Source: WhatCutlture.com

As the title already mentions it is going to be a time leap from 1918 to 1984. Jenkins says that there is something specific about that year that it is relevant today. However, it is going to be a whole new and different story. As per the trailer, Diana is all set to face her all-new foe, the Cheetah.

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