Russia On India’s Request Reiterates That It Will Not Supply Arms To Pakistan

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Russia on India’s request reiterates its policy of supplying arms to Pakistan. This is a big win for India. Russia says it will continue with its policy and will not supply arms to Pakistan. However, the policy of reiteration was made during a visit to India. Rajnath Singh, India’s defense Minister along with General Sergey Shoygu, his Russian counterpart has a meeting. Besides, the meeting was on Thursday evening in Moscow. Our defense minister is currently on a visit to Russia for three days.

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Rajnath Singh. Image Source: Idrw

He was participating in the of the 75th anniversary to commemorate Victory Day. He was also attending the combined meeting od the defense ministers. The meeting was of the Shanghai Corporation Organization (SCO). Moreover, the meeting was about one-hour and it was at the Russian Ministry of Defence. This meeting covers various topics including security and defense and also explores the areas of co-operation between the two countries.

Russia On Its Policy Of Not Supplying Arms To Pakistan

Rich search results on Google when searched for "Russia"
Russia reiterates its policy of supplying arms to Pakistan. Image Source: Jammu Links News

The one-hour meeting between the two ministers was mostly about strengthening defense strategies. Besides, the defense minister notes that these exercises demonstrate the common interests of both countries. The subject is basically maritime security in the region of the Indian Ocean region. There was also a statement by India’s Defence Ministry. The statement says,

“There was a substantial commonality in positions. It was with respect to challenges at both international and national levels of security and peace. It is reflective of the confidence and trust that both sides have as strategic partners”.

Rajnath Singh conveys his appreciation for the steadfast support of Russia concerning the security and defense needs of India.

On Thursday, Rajnath Singh appreciates his meeting with the Russian defense Minister. He tweets,

“Excellent meeting with Russian DEFENSE Minister General Sergey Shoygu. We talked about a lot of issues but particularly about defense and strategic cooperation. This is the most important issue between the two countries”.

The Russain Embassy in India also tweets about the meeting. It says that the defense Minister of Russia highlights the colossal potential collaboration between the two countries. The tweet says, “Military and technical cooperation were discussed”. Besides, V Muraleedharan, the Minister of External State Affairs also speaks about an issue. He talks about the India-Russia Young Scholars E-Conference 2020. He addresses this issue on the 20th anniversary of the India-Russia partnership.

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