Brazil Leader Is Alarming Critics About COVID 19 Vaccine!

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The whole world is suffering from the epidemic. There is not one country left, which is not suffering from the Coronavirus. Many people are dying in the whole world. The Economy of every country is going downward. People are losing their earning. And to make everything alright there is only one hope, vaccine of COVID 19. Every country is trying to make a safe vaccine for the COVID 19.

Every researcher, scientists, and doctors are trying to find the one and only hope for the world. But recently Brazilian leader had created a doubt among the critics about the COVID 19 vaccine.

What Are The Doubt Regarding COVID 19 Vaccine?

COVID 19 vaccine
COVID 19 Vaccine

The President of Brazil is again trying to create a doubt in the minds of critics and it’s people about the potential COVID vaccine. He first commented about it on Monday and then Thursday that no one can force anyone to get the vaccine. And he opposed the idea of giving a vaccine which is yet to be research in Brazil. He clearly opposed the other countries vaccine.

But his ally turned foe told in the press opposing President statement that vaccination is not a personal choice. Every other person in Brazil should get the dose of the vaccine. Because as we know Brazil state is worse in this pandemic. And he said that the president should stop denying it.

Brazil health council had also said that the president should stop questioning the need for vaccinization. As an individual right doesn’t come before the collective well being. And his statement is creating doubt among the citizens about the vaccine, which is not right.

Brazil President is ignoring the harm of the Coronavirus from the starting. He opposed the state-wise lockdown by Governor, stating that COVID 19 is a little flu. And imposing a lockdown will affect the economy of Brazil.

But his approach is not right for Brazil. COVID 19 cases are very high in Brazil. And according to the health council, one vaccine is not going to help them. So foreign vaccine are very necessary for them. And in this situation, they have to create an environment of safety among the citizen, not a terror.


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