Money Heist Season 5: Is Netflix Planning Season 5?

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The International hit series Money Heist aka La Casa Da Papel is coming with a new season or not? Netflix is planning for Money Heist season 5 or not? There are many questions like this are in the mind of the fans of Money Heist. Money Heist had premiere it’s first season on Netflix in 2017. And after that Netflix had released three amazingly hit season of the series. But now the fans of the La Casa Da Papel is waiting for the next season of the series.

Every fan-out there wants to know about the fate of the Money Heist season 5. So here it is every detail like the amazingly hit show is coming back with a new season or not.

Is Money Heist Season 5 Is Happening?

Money Heist Season 5 release date
Money Heist

There is no confirmation of Money Heist next season from Netflix. Yeah, after the release of the Money Heist season 4 in April 2020, Netflix hadn’t announced anything. But considering the ending and the success of the season four, it is predicted that Money Heist is definitely coming back with season 5 of the series.

Although, considering the current situation regarding the pandemic, it is possible that the season 5 of the Money Heist will delay extra. But worry not it will be back as soon as possible to heist the fans again. Till then watch the previous season of the series on Netflix.

Plot Of The Money Heist Season 5

Money Heist Season 5 cast
Money Heist part 5

The plot revolves around a criminal mastermind The Professor, who has planned to perform the biggest heist of the history and to that he recruited eight people with certain abilities, who has nothing else to lose. Together they perform the heist at the Royal Mint of Spain.

The show is with lots of up and down. They got showdown with the police. But overall all the story is nail-biting, which kept everyone at the edge of the seat. Season 4 of the series was ended with a cliffhanger. And the next part will start just after that.

Cast Of The Money Heist

The cast members of the Money Heist are spectacular at their role. They all are very talented and live up their role. And for the next season of La Casa Da Papal, they all are coming back.

  • Alvaro Morte – as The Professor
  • Ursula Corbero – as Tokyo
  • Itziar Ituno – as Lisbon
  • Miguel Herran – as Rio
  • Jaime Lorente – as Denver
  • Esther Acebo – as Stockholm
  • Darko Peric – as Helsinki


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