Elite Season 4: Is Netflix Crime-Thriller Coming Back?

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Elite season 4 is an upcoming season of the Netflix teen crime thriller Elite. It had premiered on Netflix in October 2018. And it had aired a three successful season since then. And now is gearing for the next season of the series. From the movie video released in May 2020, it had revealed that the show will return for season 4.

But since the news of the season 4 of the series fans are going crazy to know anything about the upcoming season. Everyone has so many questions in their mind regarding its plot, its cast, its release, and its trailer. So here it is, answers to every question. Keep reading.

Release Date Of The Elite Season 4

Elite season 4 release date

The series third season was premiered in March 2020. And Netflix had renewed it for the next season in May 2020. But there is still no announcement for the trailer or the release date of season 4. Although it is reasonable, as since the premiere of the third season everything is not going alright in the world. Many shows and movies and their shooting are being delayed and halted. So it is possible that due to the ongoing pandemic, the shooting and announcement of the season 4 of Elite is also delaying. And if that’s was really the case we will soon get the announcement from the makers. Till then be patient as season 4 is definitely happening.

Plot Of The Elite

Netflix Elite Season 4
Netflix Elite

It is a teen crime thriller series revolving around the bunch of high schoolers in Las Encinas. It shows their life, their love life, their scandals, drug abuse, and murder. Las Encinas environment changes when in a wealthy school three students come from scholarship. Tension started to built and one thing to another led to the murder of a girl in the school. It is a perfect crime thriller with full suspense, mystery, and murder.

And hopefully, there is going to be no difference in season 4. Season 4 of the series is also going to be full of mystery, suspense, and drama. As the students of Las Encinas are never going to change.

Cast Of The Elite

The cast is full of a lot of talents. Yeah, and all the actors of the series are up to their best and they all are coming back for the next season.

  • Itzan Escamilla – as Samu
  • Miguel Bernardeau – as Guzman
  • Aron Piper – as Ander
  • Omar Shana – as Omar
  • Claudia Salas – as Rebecca
  • Georgina Amorose – as Cayetana


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