COVID-19 vaccine: India at the forefront of research

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COVID-19 has taken over the world. Everything and everyone is in chaos there is a situation of fear and panic all around the world. For now, no escape is visible and things are getting worse day-by-day. The only hope visible in this darkness is the COVID-19 vaccine. We all know that the entire world is doing their best in bringing the vaccine as early as possible. Hundreds of vaccine trials are going on around the world and the hope is to bring the solution to the surface.

For the fact, a vaccine takes years to get made and approved. But for now, the demand of the situation is rapid and it needs to be fulfilled. India is also one of those countries that are trying to do its best to bring up the vaccine for the earliest use.

COVID-19 vaccine: India at the forefront of research


Prime Minister Narendra Modi addressed the third leadership summit of the US India Strategic and Partnership Forum (USISPF) which began on 31st August with his keynotes on Thursday. The theme of the 5-day Summit is “US-India Navigating New Challenges.” He gave focus on the global pandemic and the best approach in which we can handle it.

He said “When 2020 began, did anyone imagine how it would pan out? A global pandemic has impacted everyone. It’s testing our resilience, public health system and economic system. The current situation demands a fresh mindset where the approach to development is human-centric.”

He also highlighted the death rate in India due to corona virus and mentioned that it is one of the lowest per million in the world.

PM Modi said in the summit “India, a country with 1.3 billion people and limited resources; has one of the lowest death rates per million in the world. The recovery rate is also steadily rising.”

Plus, he also pointed out the impacts of the deadly corona virus and; how it has impacted several things including people’s ambitions and aspirations. “In recent months, there have been far-reaching reforms; which are making business easier and red-taping lesser.” He also quoted that India is at the forefront of the research for COVID-19 vaccine.

Earlier PM Modi tweeted stating that “Looking forward to addressing the @USISPForum #USIndiasummit2020. Will be sharing my views on ‘Navigating New Challenges’. Do join live this evening, 3rd September, at 9 PM India time.”

The key leaders who participated in the virtual event were external affairs minister S Jaishankar, commerce and industry minister Piyush Goyal, US vice president Mike Pence, and former top Indian-American diplomat Nikki Haley.

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