Alexa And Katie Season 5: Renewed Or Cancelled? Release Date, Cast, Plot And More Updates

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The most popular teen American sitcom might not come up with Alexa and Katie season 5. It is a Netflix Original and it first came out on March 23, 2018. Ever since then it garners much love and appreciation from the fans. It also receives positive reviews from the critics. Besides, it is only for the love of the loyal fans that the show runs for so long. It has four successful seasons as of now. The fourth season came out on June 12, 2020. Moreover, the show was the receiver of the Primetime Emmy Awards nomination.  Ever since its release it was in the limelight and became the favorite show of teens. The series portrays friendship beautifully and the storyline is quite relatable. It is a watch worthy series and fans are excited about the fifth season. The series deals with the high-school life of two teenage girls while one of them has to battle cancer. Although season 4 gives a clear ending fans are still hopeful for season 5. So will Alexa and Katie get a season 5 on Netflix? Here is everything you should know. Keep on reading to find out.

Alexa And Katie Season 5 Renewed Or Canceled?

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Alexa And Katie season 5 is not happening. Image Source: YouTube

Season 4 came out on June 12, 2020, and therefore it leaves little possibility for season 5. However, the showrunner Matthew Carrison along with the creator decides to call off the show. they do not have any renewal plans as of now, but their minds might change in the future, we never know. In February 2019 the renewal news for season 4 came out. It consists of 16 episodes in total. However, it does release in two parts. The first part came out in December 2019. And the second part airs in June 2020. There is also an announcement that season four of the series is the dead end. Therefore there is no scope for season 5 as of now.

The Storyline Of The Series

Rich search results on Google when searched for "Alexa and Katie season 5"
Isabel May and Paris Berelc. Image Source: Devdiscourse

Since season 5 is not happening, there is no expected plot for season 5. However, as a recap, the story revolves around the friendship of two friends. It has an emotional storyline to which fans can relate. In season 4 we saw Isabel May (Katie) and Paris Berelc (Alexa) graduating from high school. But they are unable to get into the same college. In the finale, the friends depart into their future lives that look quite promising. They also make it clear that they will always be there for each other regardless of the distance. They meet again for Thanksgiving and thank each other for always being there and supporting. On that note, the season ends leaving no possibilities for season 5.

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