LG Wing Handset First Preview : Everything in Detail!

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LG has finally provided the first hint of it’s rumored swiveling Wing Handset. It posted a teaser on Youtube about it’s rumored swiveling Wing Handset giving customers a preview of the upcoming phone with a special sliding mechanism. From a long time rumors were floating that LG is launching a new swiveling wing handset this year. But it was only rumored till LG posted the video on the Youtube. And this was only a teaser, the trailer is coming on September 14.

When The New Wing Handset is releasing by LG?

LG new swiveling wing handset
LG wing Handset

There is no release date for the release of the new phone at the moment. But there is some announcement coming on September 14th. So it’s possible that LG will announce its release and model and every detail that day. It looks like LG is finally going to break the ice and remove the curtain from the new LG swiveling wing phone.

Everything To Know About The New LG Handset

LG Wing phone release
LG swiveling wing handset

This new LG phone will be of the LG Explorer Project. And according to LG, This new category is going to bring the curiosity and excitement in the mobile sector and will focus solely on new usability which is discovered with new innovative design.

The new phone is going to have one screen behind another screen which can be rotated 90 degrees horizontally. It will result in a T shaped dual-screen device. In this new phone watching widescreen videos is going to be like watching a one-handed portrait orientation. Or allowing a full side driving navigation with music a music control off to the side. This new phone is going to be used as a multipurpose phone.

This new LG swiveling Wing Handset is going to revolutionize the cellphone business in the future. LG is finally making attempts to keep itself differentiated and look out in the mobile market. It’s finally making an attempt to compete with a great brand like Apple. It’s finally making a weird and different step to get forward with better technology.

So get ready it looks like LG is going to surprise in the near future. And be tuned to know what LG is releasing or announcing on September 14th. Till then keep reading for any further updates.



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