“Prison Season 6” Has Got The Fans Excited Like Never Before

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The fifth season of Prison Break got everyone on the edge of their seats clenching to their hearts. Now, the major question in the minds of the fans is if the dynamic series is returning. In the Lord’s name, the series is coming back with a new season. The fifth season had the audience running in a maze as the series gave 2 plot twists. The fans are still not satisfied. People are craving for Prison Break Season 6 and we speculate the return of Fox’s one of the most outrageous series. Was Prison Break Season 6 really the end?

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Is “Prison Break Season 6” Really Happening?

The season 5 finale of the series, “Behind The Eyes” took the audience for a ride. Michael Scofield who is played by Wentworth Miller achieves salvation. The happy ending of the series still did not bring satisfaction to many. Yes, the fans want more. So, in January, Fox gave the confirmation that it is indeed working on Prison Break Season 6. They made a claim that a ‘new iteration of Prison Break’ is in the works. The entertainment president Michael Thorn told everyone how the series in ‘the early stage of development.’ “We are really excited about it.”

The key characters of the story are now Michael and his son Mike Jr. Christian Michael Cooper is playing Mike Jr. Miller says: “I feel like there’s more story there and now we’re talking about multiple generations.” This could be a possible way how the show showrunners would like the story to continue the series.

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In August 2017, the Fox entertainment boss, David Madden said that nothing was happening. But, in December, Dominic Purcel confirms on Instagram that Prison Break Season 6 is actually coming. Consequently, Fox too gave the confirmation within a month.

What About The Plot Of The New Season?

In the last season, the authority grants Michael full immunity for all of his criminal activities. Our hero under the thrall of rogue CIA agent Poseidon was set free. Mark Feuerstein plays the rogue CIA agent. We can say that soon the series will be making its return to the screens and we should be ready for more twisting and amazing plot development. The Prison Break Season 6 will obviously involve an escape but, what could be the shoemakers planning other than that? This we can only know when announcements for further details are made. Till then, binge-watch the rest of the series.

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