India Claims Jammu and Kashmir issue an ‘outdated item’ under UN Security Council

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Jammu and Kashmir issue is as long as the partition of Punjab/India in 1947. The formerly included countries, Pakistan and India have fought for the state’s control for more than half a century. Hence, the new government of India made some amends and declared Jammu and Kashmir a separate Union territory in 2019. The BJP government revoked articles 370 and 35A. In August 2020, India stated that the United Nations Security Council should consider the issue of Jammu and Kashmir an outdated agenda item.

Why did India claim that Jammu and Kashmir issue belong to an ‘outdated agenda item’?

On Monday, India claimed that “there is a delegation that repeatedly attempts to rebrand itself as a contributor to international peace. However, it fails to recognize that it is the fountainhead of international terror and hub for terror syndicates.”

India wants the UNSC to remove Jammu and Kashmir issue from the Council as an outdated item
The map of Jammu and Kashmir showing different countries’ control–Source: Indian Defence Review

India at the UN Council stated that the UN should remove the issue of the new UT permanently under ‘outdated agenda item’. The reason presented forward is that ‘irrational exuberance’ has no takers in a dignified world. UN Council held a virtual meeting of the preparation of the annual report of the Security Council. Ther, Pakistan’s UN envoy Munir Akram brought up the issue of Jammu and Kashmir. He furthermore claimed that the Security Council jas failed to implement the resolutions and decisions on the situation of Jammu and Kashmir. He also added that the Council met thrice last year to talk about the subject but did not produce any desirable outcomes for the same.

Official India’s statements

On the ‘Report of the Security Council for 2019‘, India specifically gave its views on the issue. The statement read, “This delegation (the above mentioned) keeps pushing for discussions on an outdated agenda item in the Council, which for all matter needs to be removed from the Council’s agenda permanently. Such irrational exuberance has no takers in a dignified world.”

T S Tirumurti, India’s Permanent Representative to the UN also spoke on Pakistan’s endeavors. He said, “The attempt by Pakistan to try and internationalize what is a bilateral issue, is nothing new.”

India wants the UNSC to remove Jammu and Kashmir issue from the Council as an outdated itemve Jammu and Kashmir isssue from the Council as an outdated item
T S Tirumurti–Source: Daily Current Affairs

A brief History of Jammu and Kashmir issue at UNSC

The United Nations Security Council discussed the India-Pakistan issue at a formal meeting on January 6, 1948. The Council last considered the question on November 5, 1965. An August 3, 2020 summary states that the India-Pakistan question is among those items not considered by the Council during the period from January 1, 2017 to August 1, 2020.

Pakistan has China as its ally and thus, has been pestering the Council to remark on the issue. Last August, China asked for ‘closed consultations’ on the matter. In January 2020, China, on behalf of Pakistan, again raised the issue under ‘other matters’ during closed consultations. Last month, Beijing raised the issue under ‘any other business’. Still, the UN Council did not make any further remarks.

Hence, the new petition of India may put the case to rest if the UNSC decides to act so.

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