Ragnarok Season 2: Plot, Cast And Detail!

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Netflix fantasy series Ragnarok is coming back with a brand new season. It is a fantasy show on the Norse Mythology. It had premiered on Netflix on 31st January 2020. And after the successful season 1 Netflix had renewed it for season 2. Ragnarok season 2 is going to be the continuation of the first season. Ragnarok season 2 is going to show us the plot after the last showdown.

So get ready for another season of magic and thunder and read here to get every new update regarding the second season of the show.

Release Date Of The Ragnarok Season 2

Netflix Ragnarok season 2

The show second season was announced just after the release of the first season in January. But from then there is no news about the release date, plot, or the trailer of the season second. Before it was predicted after the renewal announcement that recreating the path of the season first, season 2 will release in the starting of the next year. But now considering the current situation it is possible that the season two of the show may land in summer of the late 2021.

Plot Of The Ragnarok

Netflix Ragnarok cast and detail
Netflix Ragnarok

It is the story of a fictional town in Norway. The town is plagued by climate change and industrial pollution caused by the industries owned by Jotul Family. But in reality, they are Jotuns, frost giants and giantesses posing as a human family in the town. The story takes a turn when they were soon challenged by the teenage boy Magne embodying the power of Thor.

The story of the first season ended with the final showdown between Magne and the Jotuns son. And the next season will start after that showdown. It’s going to show us if Magne was successful or not. It’s finally going to show us that if Magne saves the town from climate change or not.

Cast Of The Ragnarok

The cast of the Ragnarok is full of talented and young actors. And they all are coming back to reprise their respective role in the second season of the show. David Stakston as Magne Seier, Jonas Strand Gravli as Laurits Seier, Herman Tømmeraas as Fjor, and Emma Bones as Gry are coming back.

So get ready for another action-packed Ragnarok season second and keep reading to get further updates about shows and movies.

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