Bodyguard Season 2: Is Richard Madden Coming Back?

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Bodyguard is a political thriller show on the BBC network. It had premiered on the BBC on the 26th August 2018. The first season with a total of six episodes was a hit among the audiences instantly. And now it is in the wind that Bodyguard season 2 is in talk. Yeah, it looks like Bodyguard season 2 is finally going to happen.

Here is every detail, every information in regard to the happenings of the second season of the Bodyguard. Information about Richard Maiden reprising his role, BBC finally renewing the show, everything. So keep reading.

Is BBC Finally Coming With Bodyguard Season 2

Bodyguard season 2

Whenever a show is successful everyone one of us starts expecting for the next part. It’s like long-running natures of us. When Bodyguard becomes the grand success and win the hearts of viewers and the critics, we started expecting the season second. But we are in 2020 and there is no news of Bodyguard season 2. And it is making everyone anxious because it is basically two years from the release of The Bodyguard.

But recently from the latest news, it’s looking like that makers and the channel are finally planning for the next season. Yeah, it may late but it is coming. It is possible that we get to see the latest season of Bodyguard at the end of 2021 or the starting of 2022.

Cast Of The Bodyguard Season 2

Richard Madden Bodyguard season 2
Richard Madden

As of the cast members, there is nothing fix. It is known that the new season of the Bodyguard is going to cast a lot of new actors. Although, nothing is revealed at the moment. However, there is one certainty, the star of the show, Richard Madden is definitely coming back as the ex-military and police officer David Budd. So as the star of the show is coming back there is nothing to worry more. Everything is going to be blasting as the first season of the show.

Plot Of The BBC Bodyguard

Bodyguard season 2 on BBC
Bodyguard season 2

Bodyguard is a political thriller show, so it’s plot is full of politics, thriller, and action. But it basically revolves around the ex-military and a current police officer David Budd. He was made the bodyguard of the ambitious home secretary, whom he clearly despises. And as the show follow he suffers so many things. Bodyguard is full of suspense, thriller, and politics. It shows the issues like PTSD mental health.

The next season is going to be a thriller as the first one with a lot of action. Yes, it possible that the second season is going to show us the life of David Budd in the army. So get ready for another thrilling journey.


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