Sony A7C: First Super Tiny Full-Frame Camera Of The Company

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Sony A7C is the upcoming camera of the company. It will feature a super tiny full-frame mirrorless camera. The body will take inspiration from the A6600 but it will have a larger grip for the accommodation of the NP-FZ100 battery. However, there were rumors previously that the A5 or A6 will have this camera feature. But new sources confirm that it is going to be the A7C indeed. Besides, the sources also speculate that the “C” in the label might stand for compact.

Rich search results on Google when searched for "Sony A7C"
Sony A7C camera. Image Source: AB

It is going to be the entry-level camera of the company running parallel to the A7 and A9 cameras. These mirrorless cameras provide intense speedy shooting. The lens is also interchangeable and it shares the E-mount with the company’s NEX sensor series. They have the design of a DSLR and is very lightweight. They can often be compared to the lightest full-frame DSLR cameras. Its price is also low as compared to a DSLR. It is probably going to be a weightless and less expensive camera for camera lovers.

Sony A7C Camera Specifications

Rich search results on Google when searched for "Sony A7C"
The new camera launch on September. Image Source: Somag News

Sony is planning to launch a full-frame compact camera. As per SonyAlpha Rumors, “Two confirmed sources say that Sony will soon launch its super compact FF E-mount camera. And it will be known as Sony A7C”. It is going to be the first full-frame camera for the company. The aim of the company is to produce more compact cameras for YouTubers, travelers, and bloggers. This is because influencers and travelers generally like lightweight and portable cameras. Besides, the C-line Sony cameras will bring in features like better microphones and flip screen. It will also have a windscreen feature which makes it more or less like the ZV-1 model by the company. As per reports the due arrival of the camera is by mid-September.

The other features include an image sensor of 24 megapixels. It also comes with an auto-focus system that makes it similar to the model of Sony A7III camera. Moreover, the new camera will have a pop-up viewfinder. It will exactly be like the RX100 camera series by the company. As already mentioned the body size will be like the A6600. Other specifications include a USB C port, a single SD card slot, a headphone jack, and a mic. It will also feature Bluetooth and Wi-fi connection. Along with new cameras, the company will bring new lenses too. The report says, “The company will launch new lenses also. The lenses will have the code ‘V’”. To support the compact cameras the cameras will have compact lenses. This will allow the camera to easily contract and retract.

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