NOS4A2 Season 3: No Season 3? Canceled After Two Successful Seasons

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NOS4A2 season 3 is sadly happening. It is an American horror supernatural drama TV series featuring on AMC network. It takes its inspiration from a novel with the same name. The writer of the novel is Joe Hill and it came out in 2013. The show first came out on June 2, 2019. The creator of the show was Jamie O’Brien. In 2019, the renewal news for the second season of the show came out. And the season eventually premiers on June 21, 2020. However, after two successful seasons, the show got canceled in August 2020.

Rich search results on Google when searched for "NOS4A2 season 3"
NOS4A2 season 3. Image Source: Den Of Geek

It is heartbreaking for the fans as they were expecting more from the show. The story revolves around young Victoria McQueen. She is a working-class artist who suddenly discovers supernatural powers. She uses her power to track Charlie Manx who seems immortal. Charlie feeds on the souls of children and deposits the bodies in Christmasland. This is an imaginary village of Charlie where every day is Christmas. It is sad to bid goodbye to such an intriguing show. But here is everything we know about the show. Keep n reading to find out more.

NOS4A2 Season 3 Canceled

Rich search results on Google when searched for "NOS4A2 SEASON 3"
NOS4A2 season 3 is not happening. Image Source: World Top Trend

AMC officially cancels NOS4A2 for season 3. Jamie O’Brien, the showrunner shares this heartbreaking news on Monday. He tweets, “We will not be making the third season of #NOS4A2. This is what I heard from AMC. Well, friends I know it’s a bummer. But I am grateful that we were at least able to finish adapting Joe Hill’s terrific novel”. The second season consists of 10 episodes. It bags 378,000 total views and 0.10 demo rating on the streamer channel. In comparison to season 1, it id down by 51% in demographic ratings. And it is 52% less in its viewership from season 1. On BBC, the show runs as a simulcast. It bags 107,000 views and 0.02 demographic ratings. Considering the rating, the streamer probably has decided to cancel the show.

AMC in a statement says, “Christmasland will live forever. However, NOS4A2 is coming to an end with season 2 as the conclusion. We are so thankful to Joe Hill, Jamie O’Brien, and the entire cast for such a wonderful show. Two seasons of terrifying, inspired, thoroughly captivating, and age-defying television series. We also thank the fans for climbing on the Wraith and coming on the ride with us”. As sad as it is, our journey with the show ends here.

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