Netflix To Let Non-Subscribers Watch Limited Shows & Movies

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Streaming giant Netflix has launched a deal that would allow users to stream free streaming films and series. Users without an account will watch these shows free of charge, too. This move is intended to draw more traffic to the app. There’s one catch, though.

Although Netflix provides access to three films including Bird Box, The Two Popes, and Murder Mystery, it also provides access to seven series. However, only the first episodes of these shows will be open to subscribers, during which Netflix will give users a message requesting a subscription. Stranger Stuff, Grace and Frankie, Boss Baby: Back to Work, Our World, Love Is Blind, When You See Me.

The films are available in full with a 30-second ad that precedes the start. Users also have the option of missing the ad. Users should go to to stream free programs or videos and start enjoying the programs they want. The Netflix website’s FAQ section notes that the selection of shows or films may change from time to time.

“We are looking at numerous content campaigns to draw potential customers and give them a better Netflix experience,” a spokeswoman for Netflix told TechCrunch.

The deal has been open to Ios and laptop users as of now. The service is valid in all 200 countries where Netflix is valid for how long it will stay free is not clear. Only Tech was the first to notice the bid.

This is not the first time Netflix has given its subscribers free programs. It made the show available, ‘To all the boys I’ve loved before’ during this year’s Valentine’s Day and last year in September, it gave the first episode of Bard of Blood in India.

Netflix has launched its user interface ( UI) for those who like the language in Hindi. Users who want to move to the Hindi UI will do so by going to any device’s Manage Profiles > Language.

Netflix makes a single account of up to five users. The five participants will have their own favorite language. Even the Hindi UI will be available to consumers outside India.

Monika Shergill, VP-Content, Netflix India, said in a statement, “Bringing on a great Netflix experience is as important to us as creating great content. We believe that the new user interface will make Netflix even more accessible and better suited to members who prefer Hindi.”

The most pocket-friendly plan for Netflix is the mobile plan which starts in Rs 199.

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