Apple Will Make Sure That There Users Are Protected From COVID 19

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Apple is well known for taking care of its users’ privacy. But now Apple has also opted that its users are all safe and sound from coronavirus. Yes, if you are an Apple user this might be very important news for you. Apple users don’t have to download any app to keep themselves protected from the novel coronavirus. Instead, they are being welcomed to opt for a scheme called ENE. ENE, when expanded, becomes Exposure Notification Express. ENE aids by keep a fortnight log (i.e 14 days log) of other phones via blue tooth. Then it serves as an alarm to let you know if anyone of its user is diagnosed with the virus in the future.
The notification this scheme sends you will be determined by the local public health authority. This scheme also suggests users or download a completely up to date functional app. But in case the user does not want to even that is okay. Apple iPhone users who get infected without getting an alert can also help. They can send a warning message alerting other users. They can do so by tapping on a message by Local health authorities. This facility is the latest update for iPhone users.

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iPhone users can find the option for ENE in their settings. However, there will be certain criteria regarding the same. But the officials haven’t decided whether to give this step a green signal or not. Till then users are being asked to download local apps for protection. As for now, nearly 20 nations have launched their apps based on the Google and Apple framework. These countries include:
  • Republic of Ireland
  • Northern Ireland
  • Germany
  • Switzerland
  • Japan
  • Saudi Arabia
  • Gibraltar.
Right now England is commencing the trial of app based on API too. While Scotland is about to release its local app later this month. But in whatever form the Google’s and Apple’s technology is deployed. Authorities will not get to know how many numbers of people received the warning message. In the same way, users will not know who the person is.

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Alternative For Androids

Even Google is following the same scheme parallel with Apple. And it will go by the same name. Expect that it will automatically create a COVID 19 basic app for authorities. Though authorities can create their app. In a joint statement by Google and Apple, they stated,
“Exposure Notifications Express provides another option for health authorities to supplement their existing contact-tracing operations with technology, without compromising on the project’s core tenets of user privacy and security”.

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