Netflix’s Resident Evil Series: What We Know So Far

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Millennials need not be introduced with the popular term ‘Resident Evil’. Netflix’s Residential Evil is an upcoming original series. It is based on the Capcom game which was released back in 1996. Over the past years, this franchise had various screen adaptations as well as games. Even after two decades, people are still crazy regarding Resident Evil. The script of the upcoming series is crafted by Supernatural executive producer. Andrew Dabb stated that he is a huge fan of the game. He further added how excited he is to tell the story in a completely different way. In an interview Dabb said, For every type of Resident Evil fan, including those joining us for the first time, the series will be complete with a lot of old friends, and some things people have never seen before.”
Though back in 2019, Deadline reported that the show is under production but there was no official statement. And even Netflix didn’t reveal anything until August 27, 2020. It then when Netflix released detail about the upcoming series via Netflix account.
Netflix's Resident Evil
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What Is The Plot Of Netflix’s Resident Evil?

The storyline is brand new and is divided into two different timeline. There will be eight episodes which will last for one hour each. The first timeline will narrate the story of sister ers. Jade and Willie Becker have recently shifted to the Raccoon City. It is a manufacturing corporate town. Both the sisters are in their adolescent period. But as they live there, they feel that not everything is good and fine as it seems. There is something more about the town, something deadly and dangerous. Fast forward to a decade in the future. The total population of the planet is least than 15 million of normal people. The remaining humans and animals have turned into bloodthirsty monsters. They all are infected by the T-Virus. Jade, who is 30 now, is struggling to survive in this new and deadly world. While her past – sister and father – continually haunts her. This show will dive into a darker side of the evil Umbrella Academy.

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  • Is there an official release date of Netflix’s Resident Evil? – Well, the no there is no official date. It is only very recently when the confirmation of the show has been done.
  • What could be the expected date? – There are reports that the filming will start in October. If that is the case, we can expect the show to be released in 2021.
  • Is there a trailer? – No there is no official teaser or even clippings of the Resident Evil.

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