MeatEater Season 9: All That You Ought To Know. 

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I know what is your first thought when you read the word ‘MeatEater’ in the title. Didn’t you think this show must be about eating? Eating as in wild animals or plants or as such. And tell me didn’t you connect with our beloved Bear Grylls. Our generation by default connects any hunting or surviving show with Discovery’s Man vs Wild. And recalls those days when we used to almost puke after watching Bear Grylls chewing living insects. But we also warmly remember the adventurous feel we used to get. But I am going to burst your bubble. MeatEater is nothing like Bear Grylls’s Man vs. Wild. The show rather is a textbook hunting show. It revolves around the ‘how-to’s’ and ethics one needs to remember about hunting. This is the sole focus of the entire show. And it is considered that is the reason for the show winning Sportsman Choice Award. And that to three times. Here is all you need to know regarding the MeatEater Season 9.

MetaEater Season 9: What Is The Plot?

If you are someone who is into hunting shows than you must have heard about it. In straight words, MeatEater is a hunting show. Netflix also has shows like ‘Chasing Monsters’ and ‘Coldwater cowboys’. But MeatEater is completely a hunting show with the focus shifting on no other subject.
The host of the show, Steven Rinella is also an author of several books on hunting. One of his books shares the name with the show.  The show MeatEater share a lot of similarities with the book. As described by the creators, “the show puts forth his (Rinella) keen rundown of the nitty-gritties of hunting, his strong principle and hunting ethics, and importantly, Steven’s culinary knowledge.”
Other shows of the same stream simply depict shooting animals one after the other. But MeatEater is a lot more than a mere hunting show.
MeatEater Season 9
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Who Is The Host Of The MeatEater Season 9?

The show will once more be hosted by Steven Rinella. He is also a renowned travel writer, author, and host of an outdoor television show. Ever since his college days, he has a keen interest in fishing, hunting, and the t outdoors. Apart from hunting and traveling, he has also written for:
  • New York Times,
  • Men’s Journal,
  • Outside,
  • Peterson’s Hunting,
  • Glamour,
  • O the Oprah Magazine,
  • The New Yorker and many more.

When Is The New Season Coming?

The last season was released in October of 2019. After giving 8 successful seasons, fans are eagerly waiting for now. But as per now, there is no update regarding the new season. But if there is renewal (which must be), the show will air in October of 2020. At least we hope so.

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