Shadow And Bone Season 1: All The Latest Updates You Need To Know About The Release Date, Cast, And Plot

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Shadow And Bone season 1 is an upcoming television fantasy series. It takes its inspiration from the book Shadow and Bone and Six of Crows. The writer of these books is Leigh Bardugo. The series blends the characters and stories of both the books. It will appear on Netflix as the streamer commissions the show back in 2019. The showrunner of the series is Eric Heisserer. Besides, he receives Oscar nominations for Bird Box, The Think, and Arrival. Other directors who are onboard include Emmy nominee Jeremy Webb. He is well known for his episodes in The Punisher, The Umbrella Academy, Doctor Who, and Altered Carbon. Additionally, we have David J. Peterson who is well known for Game Of Thrones and The Witcher. Seeing such amazing creators we can expect a great show. Therefore here is everything we know about Shadow and Bone season 1. Keep reading to find out more.

Shadow And Bone Season 1 Release Date

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Leigh Bardugo. Image Source: Vanity Fair

We do not have an official release date as of now. However, as per Netflix, the show is not going to air until late 2020. Filming of the show ends this February and soon after pandemic caves in. Due to the global coronavirus pandemic, all productions are currently on hold. It has been a long time since filming and there are no production strategies as of now. However, as per sources, the show can air by the end of 2020 or in early 2021.

Leigh Bardugo on January 10 makes a tweet. She says, “Six of Crows and Shadow and Bone are coming on Netflix. It is real. The #grishaverse is about to come to life”. The showrunner confirms that we are going to see eight episodes in the series. In a tweet, he says, “It is not just a mini-series, but a full one. We will have eight episodes in it”.

The Plot

Rich search results on Google when searched for "Shadow and Bone season 1"
The cast of the show. Image Source: TV Guide

The story of the series will revolve around the two books by Leigh Bardugo. It features in her Grishaverse series. We will see a world that is split by massive perpetual darkness. In this world lives unnatural creatures who like to survive on human flesh. The series will feature Alina Starkov. She is a Russian soldier and a citizen of Ravka. She suddenly discovers a power and she believes that it can save the life of her best friend. Alina also thinks that it might unite her country. When she tries to chase the power a dangerous force unites against her. she finds herself in a mess and only General Kirigan comes up to help.

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