The Haunting Of Bly Manor: Everything You Need To Know!

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The Haunting Of Bly Manor, titled The Haunting Of Hill house the sequel to the first season. Although they are the same series of the two supernatural horror-drama titles, they have no connected narratives. This one I’ll just have a whole new story to tell. Though some known faces could be seen playing new characters. When will it release? What are the new revisions? Here’s what we know about the series cast, release date and, storyline.

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Release Date

Well, it was reported back in September 2019 that the series went into production, but then it was never reported to have finished production. It is, however, expected to announce itself in 2020. But we don’t know if this is possible.

In addition, there was a preview posted on The Haunting Of By Manor’s official site.

It is an image of a newspaper ad for a two-splendid childer nanny. There’s a number to it, too. It is interesting to remember that whenever you dial the number anything spooky happens. With the voice of actress Amelie Smith, who plays Young Fiora Wingrave on the show, you get to hear a recorded post.

The message is, “Hi! At Bly Manor, you reached the Wingrave family. We’re not here right now. If you are calling for the open Nanny position, interviews will be conducted by our uncle Henry in five days. It’ll be perfectly Splendid. We cannot wait to meet you.” However, before the post stops, we can hear Flora bumming in the background.


There are no confirmations about the cast for the show. Here’s what we’ve been able to gather from various sources:

  • Victoria Pedretti as Dani
  • Henry Thomas
  • Oliver Jackson-Cohen as Peter
  • Kate Siegel
  • T’Nia Miller
  • Catherine Parker
  • Rahul Kohli as Owen
  • Benjamin Evan Ainsworth
  • Amelie Smith
  • Amelia Eve


The Hunt for Bailey Manor is a second season of the original Netflix series The Haunting of Hill House. Bailey Manor would follow the classic Gothic novel The Turning of the Screw, by Henry James. The plot is also uncertain for the adaptation. Since the original novel begins in the 19th century, it is uncertain if Billy Manor’s Howling will take place in the 19th century or in a contemporary setting. Bailey Manor is likely to follow suit, provided that Hill House was built in modern days. Fans are eager to see what’s going to happen next season.

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